Pending Deadlines

Short post today, mainly because my back issue has flared up this weekend and getting a lot of work done is not possible when it does. There are two deadlines approaching that I want to remind you about.

First, voting for the fourth annual Dragon Awards closes on Friday. If you haven’t yet done so, please register and when you receive your ballot in your e-mail inbox, fill it out and get your vote in. The more voices that are heard the better. By comparison, the Hugos only drew 3,100 voters. I’d love to see at least 15,000 if not over 20,000 voters participate in the Dragons this year.

Here’s the link: Register to Vote for the 2019 Dragon Awards.

The winners will be announced on Sunday and I will post about them shortly afterward.

The second is a kickstarter for a special tribute to H.G. Wells. It closes on Sat. Sept. 7th. Right now is just barely has met its funding threshold. But there are some amazing stretch goals that will give you even more than the two-volume set of stories inspired by the worlds Wells created.

Here’s the link: A Tribute to H.G. Wells.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


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