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Upcoming Guests on A Scribe’s Journey

Taking a break from the Krasnovia-Pineland Wars to get back into the studio and start recording new episodes of “A Scribe’s Journey.” And we have some pretty neat guests coming up.

I’ll be interviewing Brazillian author Adrianna Gavazzoni later today and that show will go live tomorrow at Noon (EDT). Next week we have baseball author J. David Hermann, who has written a neat book, Almost Yankees, about a single season of baseball played by the Columbus Clippers.

September’s lineup features Christie Stratos, Dan Humphreys, who has a very interesting zombie anthology coming out soon through Silver Empire, Marcy O’Rourke and Benedict Jones. We even have our first guest of October scheduled, Leo Champion.

Last night I was on the SciFi Saturday Night show for a second time. As soon as I have a link to that show I will share it with you. It is always fun to talk with Dome and the gang about all things sci-fi.

You can catch this week’s episode of A Scribe’s Journey or watch past episodes right here.

Or, listen to the podcast’s audio-only version on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play or right here on iHeartRadio.

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Voting for the 2019 Dragon Awards are now open. Be sure and go to the website and 5_SF_F_TITLESregister to vote (Larry’s up for Best Fantasy novel, what do you say we send ChinaMike a special message this year?) and cast your votes for any and/or all of the categories. It’s absolutely free and the more that participate the better:

Dragon Award Voting signup

My three full-length sci-fi novels are on sale for just $2.99 and my first two novellas of the Timeless series are just $0.99 on several e-book platforms thru the end of DragonCon. Be sure and download your copies today.

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Legacy of Death.jpgDon’t forget to check every Saturday morning for the next chapter of my 1k Weekly Serials here on the blog. Absolutely free to read. Legacy of Death is currently running. The Invited is up next once Legacy’s 10th and final chapter drops.

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