Judgment Day?

So, sometime today Larry Correia, the Hero of Krasnovia, should be released from Facebook Jail for the second time in four days. What will be of great interest to many is how long his freedom will last this time around.

Last Thursday, he was tossed into stir for 24 hours for a ludicrous reason. He was released Friday morning and within what seemed an hour or two at most was struck with a 3-day jail term and this one with no reason given at all.

So now we will wait and see if Facebook hits Larry with the next suspension – this one a 7-day stint – and follows it up with a 30-day and finally a permanent ban. That’s the order of suspensions when Facebook has declared you “Excommunicato” after all.

And if these bans fall in rapid succession we will then know this has been an organized campaign to run Larry off of Facebook by the type of sewer-sucking slime that inhabits places like the House of 770 Vile Aromas and other websites of ill-repute. I suspect this was an attempt to suppress any effort to drum up support for Larry’s nomination for a Dragon Award on Labor Day weekend in addition to running him off Facebook.

This is, after all, the M.O. of folks like that. Deplatforming, doxxing, and any other number of harassment techniques that they favor. What is amusing though, if you were to state that you were considering responding in kind, these same people that have no problem using these tactics on others, will squeal “foul!” when those same tactics are used on them.

Unfortunately for these people, if trying to deny him votes for the Dragon Awards was the primary goal, it hasn’t worked. On this website alone, I have seen a huge increase in traffic as well as many of those new visitors clicking the link to register to vote for the Dragon Awards that I’ve run at the bottom of every blog post here.

Remember Obi Wan’s words to Vader at the end of their duel on the Death Star? “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Yeah, that is all you are accomplishing here with Larry, myself and all of the other creators you have spent the last few years unjustly attacking.

You cannot defeat us. You will never silence us. There are far too many other options out there when it comes to social media. MeWe, Gab, and many others that are out there and gaining traction with people who will not be ThoughtPoliced by the ZuckBots and the TwitterStapo.

So we will wait, and watch. If you continue to attack, we will only grow stronger. As for you, well, you know how things ended for the Emperor and his minions, right?

Death Star 2

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Voting for the 2019 Dragon Awards are now open. Be sure and go to the website and 5_SF_F_TITLESregister to vote (Larry’s up for Best Fantasy novel, what do you say we send ChinaMike a special message this year?) and cast your votes for any and/or all of the categories. It’s absolutely free and the more that participate the better:

Dragon Award Voting signup

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  1. Off-topic question: If I go to buy the book featured at the bottom of this post, and absolutely not one seller has it, would that mean there’s no Escape From Reality?

    Or should I just open my eyes and see?

    (Asking for a friend).

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