Perchance to Meme…

One of the simple pleasures of social media – aside from easily being able to stay in touch with family and friends – is memes. Finding new memes, sharing them and using them in different ways in response to posts online.

Even more enjoyable is creating new ones. Its something I’ve been playing around with, especially during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Its more of a creative hobby than anything else. There are certainly more talented and more productive memesters out there than me.

But, every once in awhile I manage to hit on a meme that is almost pure gold.

With last week’s Krasnovian-Pinelandian, Larry Correia-related kerfluffle breaking out, there were many memes created and shared. I came up with a couple of my own and put them out into the mix.

I can tell you right now, it’s quite the nice feeling to see a meme you created take off and get shared and reposted not only across the original platform you dropped it onto, but spread to other platforms too. Here’s the meme in question:

For Krasnovia copy.jpg


If you have been privy to the whole Krasnovia-Pineland party that’s been going on in the Monster Hunter International group on Facebook, this meme makes perfect sense. For those not in the group, basically we’ve had fun splitting into two sides and poking fun at the other side over sandviches, waffles and whose side can kick butt better.

Here’s another one I did, that hasn’t been as popular, but still getting some likes and shares:

Krasnovia Defender


And then I called in some old school cool:



At any rate, this is the whole point of memeing: To have some good fun and maybe make the world seem a little less dull and gray. Have you made any memes like that? If so, please feel free to share links to them. We could all do with some more smiling, don’t you think?

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