Going Bowling

With news from the front of the Great Krasnovia-Pinelandia Conflict being somewhat quiet – at least until the Hero of Krasnovia is liberated from his Facebook prison cell in Northern Pinelandia – I guess now would be a good time to update you on the opening week of bowling.

I mentioned not long ago that bowling season started here in Omaha this week. Coming off an average of 189 last year, and not having rolled a ball in league play since early April, I opened with a 162-180-208 series of 550. Average of 183.3 for the math nerds. Our team won three of the four games. The league runs a strange points system that I wouldn’t mind seeing get thrown out, truth to be told.

Anyway, the lanes on opening night had not been oiled properly. Everyone was having trouble adjusting to them as they were constantly changing. So a 183.3 is something I’ll take, especially since I missed seven spare attempts in the first two games that I normally convert. The good news was that I converted on all five spare attempts in the third game.

Other than a bowling update, not much going on today here at Casa de Paolinelli. So, go out and enjoy the weekend, like I am.

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