Me: Facebook Can’t Get Any Dumber. Facebook: Hold My Beer

Seriously, Facebook?

The other day when I said you’d reached peak stupid and couldn’t possibly go any lower, I thought you’d wait at least a week before you did. Congrats, you did it in less than 48 hours.

No sooner had Larry Correia, the hero waffle maker of Krasnovia, been freed from his Krasnovian-liberation24-hour stint in Facebook Jail – here is a photo of him walking out of a vile Pinelandia prison that contracts out to Facebook – than Larry was tossed back in for three more days. This time, with no explanation given.

Larry blogs about what he thinks the reason is, and I would not be surprised to find out he is 100% correct.

But really, Facebook, these antics of yours will not end well for you, or any of the other social media platforms engaging in this silliness.

All you are really doing is firing up Larry’s fanbase, increasing his sales numbers and dragging yourself inexorably toward a date with the Department of Justice and Federal regulations that will break up your monopolies in short order.

If that is truly what you want, so be it. In the meantime, #FREELARRYAGAIN and long live glorious Krasnovia! Land flowing with Sandviches and Waffles!

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3 thoughts on “Me: Facebook Can’t Get Any Dumber. Facebook: Hold My Beer”

  1. The thing I can’t figure is why Glyer would go through all the effort. It would be easier just to ignore the more conservative voices in SciFi, especially now when WorldCon is in full swing and, theoretically, he should have his digital hands full.

    1. He reminds me of a relative of mine. So full of hate for others that he has allowed it to poison his soul. I doubt he even realizes how sick and evil he has become. He literally now only lives to inflict however much pain and misery he can on others. Maybe because he is incapable of creating anything original himself? Who knows.

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