Is ChinaMike Unwilling, Or Just Too Stupid, To Learn?

I know, embrace the power of the word “And”, amirite?

Two days ago I posted about Fail, er I mean, Facebook’s silly 24-hour banning of author Larry Correia over a post that was a year old that was joking about a non-existent country. Seems the autobot algorithms at Fail, er, I mean, Facebook have no sense of humor at all and threw our lad in stir.

Larry had fun with it. His fans (me included) really had fun with it and while Larry was in the cooler many memes and stories of the great battles between Krasnovia and Pineland were shared. Sandwiches and waffles were consumed in honor of the incarcerated and the fallen. In other words, we all treated it as the joke it was.

Larry was freed and that should have been that.

But no, enter ChinaMike, the Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas. The former tax collector/turned accountant/turned glorified Google search engine for sci-fi news. (Seriously, his “award-winning” blog is really just a scrape of the internet and other news sources for news related to sci-fi and fantasy with a sprinkle or two of his venom toward any author he dislikes.)

ChinaMike has been warned by Larry to never invoke Larry’s name on that vile blog. Every once in a while, he does so anyway. And Larry then administers a corrective measure. Here’s is the latest one, after ChinaMike decided to weigh in on Larry’s incarceration, and you need to read it before we proceed, so head on over and read it. Its a hoot and I’ll be here waiting when you get back, I promise.


Look, Larry pretty much covered everything there is to say about ChinaMike, and did so a lot better than I ever could. Although I think my novellas, A Zombie Christmas Carol and The Fall of the House of 770 Vile Aromas, did a pretty good job of it.

All I will add is this: The screenshot that Glyer himself posted that was one of the most brutal self-owns in the history of mankind:


If you look at the bottom right, you see that 92.1% of his blog traffic came from China. That means web farms that are used to artificially inflate traffic to a given site. The only thing that would have been more perfect would be for the number to have been 92.3%. Meaning only 7.70% of his traffic would have been actual human beings and we could have started calling him ChinaMike and the Vile 7.70%ers.

And I’ll briefly recap my history with Glyer and his minions. I landed on Glyer’s radar because I gave a free copy of my book to a Wisconsin convention that had lost its entire literary track just days before the con was set to open.

That was my “crime”. Since then, I’ve had to stock up on this product:


Needless to say (because I once allowed someone to slander me without comment many decades ago, foolishly thinking that the truth would out and the people who knew better would act accordingly – and then watched in disbelief as they promptly didn’t which led to 10 years of working 24/7 toward one goal being stolen from me – and I swore it would never happen again) I hit back. Hard.

I’m still hitting back. I’ll continue to do so until ChinaMike and his minions are forgotten bits in the wastebin of history. One or two already are. Some have figured out that I’m not going away. I’m going to keep writing, keep producing my show and keep living my life the way I see fit and not conform to their sick viewpoint. I haven’t heard from them for a while either, thankfully. But ChinaMike? He seems a bit slow on the uptake.

However, I haven’t been hitting back as much lately, because (a) I just don’t go to his trash site anymore. You shouldn’t either. You can literally feel your soul dying the instant you do. And (b) because Glyer got spanked so hard by me not so long ago that he rarely posts my name there. I have my sources that let me know when he does. It’s down to an average of maybe once or twice a year. And always just a snide remark having taken a tweet or a post out of context, which is his M.O.

The spanking in question revolved around some prankster signing a petition in support of David Weber and ConCarolinas as “Mike Glyer”. A silly joke. No harm no foul as no address info was posted nor was Glyer signed up for anything. A normal human being would have laughed it off. Shoot, I’ve had worse done to me and actually tipped my hat at the prankster for a job well done.

Glyer lost his shit. Its what he does. He went on a rant on Facebook about how “wrong it was that someone impersonated someone else.”

And that opened the door for me to post two screenshots. One was a comment he made on this site, before I banned him, that showed his name and his IP address. The second was a comment left under the name of my neighbor at the time and good friend in Simi Valley, CA. The comment was ugly and vile – nothing my friend would say, but something ChinaMike would say.

How do I know? Because the IP address on the second comment was the same as the one Glyer signed his real name to and they both pointed right to his home address many miles from Simi Valley. And my neighbor had jumped in ChinaMike’s chili about the way Glyer was treating me

Seconds after posting these screenshots and calling out Glyer for his hypocrisy, he blocked me on Facebook and, suddenly, I wasn’t being mentioned on his vile little blog anymore.

And that suits me just fine.

Who knows, maybe after this latest cyber-beat down, he might actually do the same for Larry.

Nah, I doubt he has the intelligence required to do that.

*     *     *     *     *

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  1. You mention a sale in this post on ebook, so I figured I’d look into trying a couple of the scifi ones. I do have a small problem though, I only buy DRM free ebooks. Are any of the purchase options you offer DRM free?


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