Congrats, Facebook, You Just Hit Peak Stupid

Just when you thought Facebook couldn’t beclown itself any more than it already had…

Larry Correia, one of the best sci-fi/fantasy authors I know, is in Facebook Jail for 24 hours. His crime?

He made fun of a country… that does not exist. That never existed. Over a year ago. We’ll let Larry tell you the whole story here: Larry’s post on his blog.

Suffice to say, Larry will survive his stint in cyber-stir quite well. His fans and fellow authors are having some fun with it, as we are wont to do. I even created this humble #FreeLarry meme:



But our derisive laughter aside, this is yet another example of Big Social Media needing to be taken down several notches.

When you can’t even make fun of a FICTIONAL country without getting Gulag-ed then something is seriously wrong.

Congrats, Failbook, you’ve hit peak stupid. I’d say I can’t imagine how much lower you can go than this, but given your track record, you’ll probably figure out a way to be even dumber next week.




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