Wikipedia or WikiPravda?

Yesterday I touched a little on the Gestapo-like tactics of deplatforming by YouTube and other online media toward people on the right of Josef Stalin. It’s ridiculous to be sure, but it is something that has to be dealt with. It’s one of the reasons I jettisoned Patreon (another offender) and installed my own membership setup here. There’s even a tip jar to toss a buck into if you don’t want to sign up for the $2.00 monthly subscription but want to say thanks for the free content.

But today I wanted to touch on Wikipedia. Recently, a coordinated attack was made against several authors’ pages on Wikipedia. They were initially deleted, then restored and “nominated” for deletion. A lengthy discussion broke out, followed by a vote. I had to check outside for self-propelled airborne swine when I saw that none other than John Scalzi had weighed in and told those recommending deletion to go pound sand.

I think John realized that if these authors could be deleted from history, eventually he could find himself on the receiving end of the mob’s fury and be deleted too. The reasons for going after these authors was flimsy. They weren’t “notable” even though they are published by one of the biggest sci-fi publishers in the world and had been nominated for and won several awards for their work.

Fortunately, logical heads prevailed and the pages were left alone. For now. I have no doubt another attack will be undertaken in the future. These deranged people never stop until they are dead.

I doubt I’ll ever have my own Wikipedia page – even if I were to somehow sweep the Hugos, have all of my novels adapted into film and get elected POTUS. There is one “librarian” on Wikipedia who apparently has made it her life mission to keep Wiki 100% Richard Paolinelli free. She’s been doing so for 12 years now – blocking three different attempts by three different people to get a page up there. To be honest, I’m stunned she hasn’t scrubbed my name from the list of 2017 Dragon Award Finalists that does appear on Wikipedia.

At any rate, it really doesn’t matter. I never have liked Wikipedia. I’ve worked at newspapers that would fire any reporter on the spot if they used Wikipedia as a source for a story. When I run Google searches for anything I always tack on -Wikipedia at the end.

Fortunately, there are alternatives to Wikipedia and so far they are bias free. One of the original founders of Wikipedia has become so outraged by the shenanigans being pulled on Wikipedia that he started a new online encyclopedia: Everipedia . It looks great and there are no Fascist librarians looking to send the “wrongthinkers” to the Gulag there.

When my friend “Dave” (no, this person’s real name is not Dave but you can’t doxx and attack someone if you don’t know what gender and what their real name is, can you?) finally abandoned the bid to get my page up at Wikipedia, the coding for the Wikipedia page was used to create my page at Everipedia: Richard Paolinelli/Everipedia. It’s the same look, sourcing and info that should have been up at Wikipedia. It’s all 100% accurate and has more sources cited than a lot of the “acceptable” people found on Wikipedia.

There’s also a page for me at Infogalactic: Richard Paolinelli/Infogalactic. I have to admit I was not too happy to see this, but only because of Vox Day’s association with the site. But here’s the thing, in a time where having an online presence is a must for any author sometimes you have to put aside differences. In other words, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Having these alternatives available is a must, at least until something is done to rein in these domestic terrorists at Wikipedia (stolen from Dave’s glorious “take your Wikipedia and shove it” flounce), Google, Facebook, Twitter, et al. So while I will keep my Facebook account open, I’m also developing more of a presence at MeWe. I will stay on Twitter, but also look into possible alternatives. Gab is out because the last time I was there – about two years ago – it was a cesspool that made Twitter look sane. I’ve heard Parler is a good Twitter alternative, so I’ll check that out too.

As for other authors out there, I recommend doing the same. Even if you don’t use the alternatives as much, having them set up is a good idea just in case you find your self declared “excommunicato” by the Online Thought Fascists.

4 thoughts on “Wikipedia or WikiPravda?”

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  2. Inspired by your missive, I used it as the jumping off point for one of my own. I won’t spam you with the link, but it’s just been published on my blog. Oh, assuming you are nominated this year for one or more Dragon Awards, good luck.

    1. I haven’t heard if I am a finalist again this year. I know a few people had told me they were nominating it. But, it’ll be a few days before we hear if enough did or not. It would be great if I was but I’ll be just as happy for all of the other first-timers if I’m not.

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