The Dragons Are Coming

Sometime in the next week, the finalists for the 4th Annual Dragon Awards – hosted by DragonCon – will be announced. Ballots will then be mailed out to those who nominated to vote for their favorites in each category.

Even if you did not nominate, you too can still vote from your favorites in each category, and you can even skip whatever categories you don’t want to vote in. I encourage you to do so as soon as the voting opens. You can keep an eye out for this right here: Dragon Award Voting. I believe voting closes on Aug. 31st.

Two years ago, I was preparing to go live on the air in Los Angeles on “The Writer’s Block”. About 90 seconds before airtime, my cell phone pinged that there was an e-mail regarding the Dragon Awards. My novel “Escaping Infinity” was a finalist for Best Sci-Fi EI_DRAGON_COVER BADGENovel. You can listen to what happened in the first few minutes of the show right here.

I can still remember that evening like it was yesterday. What an amazing feeling.

So, in advance of the upcoming week’s announcement, I want to congratulate everyone who is a finalist this year. If you’ve been a finalist before, then you have even more reason to celebrate. If this is your first time as a finalist, then I encourage you to enjoy every minute of the next month to the fullest. You have every right to crow about this accomplishment everywhere you go.

Dragon_Award-221x300And, if your name is not called on the first Sunday of September in Atlanta, do not feel let down or disappointed. Even if you don’t get to take home one of these amazing trophies, you are forever a Dragon Award Finalist. And that is pretty damned amazing!

Just remember, there’s always next year.

Speaking of awards, the Helicon Society recently announced their inaugural winners of The Helicon Awards, which was also sponsored by my show, “A Scribe’s Journey

You can watch the video of the July 4th presentation right here:  2019 HELICON AWARDS . The 2020 awards will be announced on April 2, 2020.

As for who or what the Helicon Society is and who is a part of it? Well, it’s sort of like Fight Club. You all recall what the first rule of Fight Club is, right?




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