A New Holmes Anthology

The featured picture is the cover and portions of two of the pieces inside for the Key West Edition of the Art of Sherlock Holmes. Each piece is based on a Holmes story (not written by Doyle).

My story – The Woman Returns, which originally appeared in the Holmes Away From Home anthology – will appear in the U.S. edition to come out later this year. I signed the contract this morning and can’t wait to see what the (unknown to me) artist creates based on my story.

Each edition – there are three planned so far – will be a coffee table book so the art can be fully appreciated.

A little over three years ago I reached out to Belanger Books publisher Derrick Belanger with a story pitch for their anthology, Beyond Watson. Three Holmes stories later I sometimes still can’t believe what that e-mail has led to. Not to mention my story in the upcoming H.G. Wells tribute anthology.

When I decided to take one more run at fiction writing, I never once thought I’d find myself writing Holmes stories. It has been one of the best of many unexpected pleasures I’ve enjoyed these past few years.


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