A Special Day Down Under

Back in 2016, Blood of Invidia, was released by Tom Tinney and Morgen Batten. It went on to be a 2017 Finalist for Best Horror Novel at that year’s Dragon Awards. It fell to The Changeling by Victor LaValle.

Okay, so there were a lot of books that didn’t win. Lots more that didn’t even get nominated. So what makes this book so special?

The reason why it was written and published.

You see, Tom and Morgen are father and son. They live tens of thousands of miles apart and for a very long time, they never knew each other existed. That changed several years back. But the distance between them made seeing each other in person near to impossible. E-mails, phone calls and Skypes, aside, they wanted to meet in person.

So they decided to write a book and use the royalties to pay for their first-ever meeting. Blood of Invidia was born. When they were ready, they released it.

Many of us got behind the book as much as we could. Larry Correia sparked a massive run of sales literally by mentioning the project. I mentioned it as often as I could. As did so many others. I reviewed it and was among enough people to nominate it to get it in as a Finalist for the Dragon Awards.

The book was a success, but the goal was not yet attained. It took another year and a half after the Dragon Awards in late 2017, but today, father held his son in his arms for the very first time. You want to know one reason why we write, why some of us do whatever we can to help promote other authors anyway we can no matter how big or small our effort may be?

This is why. This meeting on this day in Australia.

Here’s the video of Tom flying out of Dallas, the plot to make his visit a surprise and the moment when father and son meet face-to-face for the very first time:

Tom and Morgen together at last

P.S. If this doesn’t make you both laugh and cry, you have no soul. Just saying…

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