Media bias? Yes, it does exist.

So we’ve been hearing CNN’s Jim Acosta and his brethren rail against being called “the enemies of the American people” by President Trump.

Gee, I wonder why they are labeled that way?

Journalist says win by GOP candidate would “Suck”

I spent over two decades in newsrooms, with reporters from all over the country, before hanging it up in 2010. I can guarantee you that similar remarks are being made daily in newsrooms wherever a Republican candidate is on the verge of defeating a Democrat.

I recall the 1996 cycle when an editor at the paper I was working at wailed about how stupid voters were when they passed ballot initiatives and voted in candidates that she opposed. No one on the news side disagreed with her. I just shook my head and carried on with what I was doing. Thankfully, I was manning the sports copy desk that night.

There is a hard left bias in nearly every newsroom you walk into – print, radio, TV – with very few exceptions. It has been this way for decades but only recently has the media decided to be blatantly open about it.

The problem is, they still want us to believe they are “impartial journalists.” They haven’t been that for a very long time. Perhaps, if they really dislike being called the enemy of the American people they can start by no longer acting like they are?

You can start, former colleagues, by sticking to reporting the facts and leaving your opinions for the op-ed pages. I happen to believe the American people are smart enough to sort out what is right and wrong without you trying to tell them what their opinion on the subject should be.

And if you happen to be as sick and tired of real-world politics and the shenanigans that comes along with election day how about escaping to a political thriller series where the good guys win out?

Jack Del Rio is the FBI’s rising star in counter-terrorism. But this lone agent will soon find himself to be the only man standing between the country he has sworn to protect and a decades-old plot to permanently destroy it.

This three-book political-thriller series begins with Reservations. Set in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest, FBI Special Agent Jack Del Rio navigates the legends, lore and politics of the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi tribes to bring an end to a serial killer’s spree.

In Betrayals, Del Rio uncovers a conspiracy hatched in post-Worlds War II Russia to infiltrate and overthrow the U.S. Government from within.

In the grand finale, Endgames, Del Rio becomes the hunted when the last vestiges of the conspiracy turn their full focus and fury upon him and anyone close to him.

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One thought on “Media bias? Yes, it does exist.

  1. While I totally agree with you that there’s a massive left-wing bias in news media, that still doesn’t mean they’re the “enemy of the state.” It does mean that you have to examine every news article with an electron microscope and cross reference it with the Encyclopedia Galactia just to validate sources and conclusions, but then that’s the price of free speech and free will.

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