Dear Elizabeth Warren,…

Stop it. Seriously, Senator, enough is enough.

The “DNA Test” results you released yesterday are laughable. They were also unneccessary. No one – well no one capable of logical thought – believes for one second that you have a legitimate claim to being “Native American”. And no one buys your claim that you’ve never used that claim to advance yourself on several occassions. There are just too many proven instances where you have done just that.

Unlike you, I can point directly at the ancestor on my maternal side who was Cherokee, and at my third great-grandmother, she gives me a higher percentage of Native American DNA that even the most generous reading of your bogus test gave you.

And also unlike you, I have never considered using my Native American ancestry to any economic advantage, even though I wance given the option to do just that. And the job was one I really wanted. All I had to do, said the HR person, was check the box. I wouldn’t have to prove how much the percentage was, just check the box and the job was mine.

I didn’t check the box. Because to me it was lying and it would be disrespectful to the tribes. I wasn’t raised Native American. I had no business trying to claim something that belongs to them.

I didn’t get the job, it went to a minority candidate instead – one that actually was a minority – and I haven’t regretted that decision for a second. I will win or lose with honor and dignity. Two things you seem to be sorely lacking, Senator.

BTW, using DNA from South American sources?  Yeah, that isn’t anywhere near the same genetic area code as Native American.

If I were a citizen of Massachusetts, I would be deeply ashamed to have to claim Elizabeth Warren as one of my two Senators. I feel your pain. Up until earlier this year I had spent several years in California having to admit Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris were my Senators.

Unhappily, I had to move to find a place where I could happily claim my state’s Senators, Deb Fisher and Ben Sasse. Happily for you folks in Massachusetts you can vote in a new Senator you can take pride in. In your case, anyone else you elect will be a vast improvement.

But for now, all I can do is echo the words of the Cherokee Nation on this matter: “Buzz off, pretentious, pale-faced faker!”

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