Not Even Jack Del Rio Could Fix This

When I created the three-book Jack Del Rio series (Reservations, Betrayals and Endgames) I envisioned a lone man standing against powerful political forces. While Reservations was the first book in the series, Betrayals was actually the first one that I had written and that back in 1998.

I had imagined an FBI Agent discovering an old Soviet Cold War-era plot to infiltrate and overthrow the U.S. Government from within. Reservations was released in 2015 and Betrayals followed in 2016, right in the middle of one of the strangest presidential campaigns I have ever seen. And seeing many elements of a story I had written 18 years before starting to appear in real life was somewhat scary.

Now, if the final scenarios found in Endgames (2017) start playing out in real life, I’m packing my bags for a deserted island in the South Pacific.

Like many of you, I’ve been watching the Kavanaugh Hearings with a mixture of popcorn-power-eating fascination and despair for what the state of politics in America have become.

The facts are rather simple: Dr. Ford claims she was attacked by then-17 year-old Kavanaugh. He denies it. Both seem sincere. The people she has named as being present in 1982 have all said that what she is claiming never happened.

There is no factual evidence. No police report. No conversation with a friend, a pastor or anyone after the attack. We don’t even know the day or place. Experienced prosecutors have stated they couldn’t even get a warrant to search for evidence given what we know now.

“Because I said so” is not evidence.

“Because I told my therapist and family 30 years later” is not evidence.

And one of the (crumbling) foundations of this country is that you are presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty. And that burden of proof falls upon the accusing party.

In watching this bizarre theater of the absurd play out these past few weeks, I cannot help but wonder if the people playing these political power games understand the damage they have done and continue to inflict on our country. Our faith in our institutions has been flagging for over 40 years now.

The Presidency, the Senate and House, the FBI, our intelligence agencies, our military and now even our Supreme Court. All have been under assault by those seeking power, by those seeking to deny others their freedoms many have fought and died for.

I look at what is going on today and wonder what Jack Del Rio would do here. Seeing political groups attacking our country the way the radical left is doing, and given his ultimate solution in Endgames, would Jack make a different decision regarding the package he reveals in the Oval Office?

To be honest, I think he might have left it there undiscovered and stayed put in his fortress home in Arizona. Because the America we are heading for, that anyone can be accused – and found guilty – of a crime without one iota of actual proof (remember, because I said so is NOT proof) is not the America our Founders envisioned.

And it isn’t one worth trying to save, either.


Check out Jack’s gauntlet, and his triumph over evil,  in the Del Rio Series.  They are available in print, Kindle and audiobook formats.






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