Off The Top Of My Head: Extremists Will Be Our Undoing

Extremists will be the death of this country. I truly believe this.

I’m not talking about Islamic extremists who fly planes into buildings, blow up people at sporting and entertainment events or run about stabbing people in subway stations. Those lunatics we can deal with. They have no chance of undoing the foundation this country was built upon 242 years ago.

But the extremists on both the left and the right can and they seem hell-bent on doing just that. The sad fact is that neither side seems to care about the damage they are doing to the country – or the harm to innocent people caught in the crossfire – just as long as they “get” the other side.

On the left, we have those who blithely toss out accusations of sexism, racism, etc., etc. at anyone and for the mere crime of disagreeing with them over a single point. Many times that point of contention has nothing to do at all with the “-ism” charge being leveled at that.

For example, Comicsgate has seen this to a level far surpassing insanity. If you say a particular storyline is terrible and completely disregards years of a character’s established story the immediate response is that you are a racist. If someone involved with that particular comic is female. you are sexist. And don’t even get me started on what happens when the gender-identity stuff gets tossed into the mix.

The original point of contention – the STORY itself – is ignored and the extremist rants about being discriminated against rather than addressing the actual issue. This is done because in fact, they can’t defend what they did and the best defense – in their world – is a bald-faced lying offense.

Now, lest you think I am being biased, the extremists on the right are no better. Because many of them are in fact racist and sexist. But most of them only show up to be racist and sexist and don’t actually bring a valid concern to the table. Like their counterparts on the left, they just want to burn everything to the ground and claim “victory”.

Meanwhile, you, me and the rest of the sane people who just want to read or watch great stories are caught in the middle of this stupidity. The vast majority of the Comicsgate people are like me – we just want to produce and enjoy great stories. We don’t want to indoctrinate, pontificate or obliterate people. We also don’t want – when we are the consumers instead of the producers – to be indoctrinated, preached at or told we should be eradicated from the face of the Earth.

Yet, both sides are so engaged in their mutual destruction that they don’t care who among us they take out in the middle of their little war. I know. Because I’ve been targeted by both sides.

12391200_1051842254836608_5427364927344955744_nThe lefties are dead certain that I’m a racist (my Native American ancestors are laughing their asses off in the afterlife, trust me, as will my half-Japanese grandson when he gets old enough to understand how stupid adults really can be). I’m sexist (my wife is laughing her ass off over that charge). I’m homophobic (my son and my cousin are laughing their gay asses off over that charge). as well as a slew of other charges without any foundation in actual fact.

Meanwhile, the righties have called me every name in the book and even gone so far as 403162_10150613644143465_129446698464_11144620_448774237_nto threaten to “deport me” because I have not bent knee to Donald Trump, Vox Day and a few other sacred cows of theirs. I’m not sure to where I would be deported, being that the last member of my family – maternal AND paternal – to immigrate to the U.S. did so back in the 1890s. Not to mention that at least two of my ancestors might have been standing on the beach when the Mayflower first pulled up to Plymouth Rock back in the 17th Century.

But, as with the extremists on the left, facts don’t matter. The target must be destroyed at all costs, even the truth itself must be sacrificed for the “greater good” it seems.

Which brings me to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Who is being targeted for destruction by the extremists on the left. There are now two allegations dating back nearly 40 years against him. They’ve been levied at the very last minute, neither of them have one scintilla of factual evidence to support them, and even the people mentioned as potential witnesses are denying every aspect of both allegations.

Yet, despite the fact that neither claim is believable (the fact that these allegations were known for months and kept hidden until the very last second screams political hit in my opinion), we have a man being targeted for destruction simply because he disagrees on a political point: abortion. And for that “sin” he must be utterly destroyed. No matter the harm done to him, his reputation or his family. No matter the harm done to people loosely connected to this attack. No matter the harm done to the concept of “Innocent until PROVEN guilty” that is the foundation of our legal system.

He must be destroyed. At any cost. “For the cause.”

The problem is this: In taking out a Brett Kavanaugh in this fashion, the extremists are taking out our country at the same time. Because if this continues it will only escalate further until this becomes a shooting war.

We had one of those back in the 1860s. I don’t think we’ve fully recovered from that one yet and it has been 150 years since the last shot was fired. If we start shooting again, we may not have a country left when the last round is fired.

It’s time for the extremists to shut up. There is a way to disagree without being disagreeable. There is a way to oppose someone’s position without destroying their lives and those of innocent bystanders.

Its called being an adult. So grow the fuck up, children, because those of us caught in the middle of your temper tantrums are adults. And it will not go well for you when we’ve finally had enough of your childish antics.

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