Off The Top Of My Head: San Diego

So the purpose of this particular series of posts is going to be about whatever happens to pop into my head at any given time. It could just be about any subject under the sun.

Today it’s about San Diego. They have a nice zoo there. Beaches are great. Weather always seems to be 76 and sunny. I enjoyed going to Sea World. Legoland was something of a disappointment.

SAN_DIEGO_CHARGERS_LOGO_3But what brought it to mind today is the Los Angeles Rams are playing the Los Angeles Chargers today in the NFL. The Chargers originally played in Los Angeles for a brief time in the 1960s AFL before moving south to San Diego. Last year, they moved back to Los Angeles.

It isn’t the first San Diego team that Los Angeles has pilfered from its southern neighbor either. After eight years in upper New York, the Buffalo Braves of the f3d9cb25eef5740b62c90ed67214e5b8--sport-logos-school-sportsNBA packed up and headed west for San Diego in 1978 and changed their name to the San Diego Clippers. But in 1984 the team moved north and played in the Sports Arena as the Los Angeles Clippers.

That leaves San Diego with just one major professional league team out of the Big 4 (NFL, NBA, MLB & NHL): The San Diego Padres. Now, the Los Angeles area already has two baseball teams in the Dodgers and Angels.

But given the history, San Diego should probably keep an eye out on Los Angeles. Besides, even if they don’t pilfer another San Diego franchise, the way L.A. is growing they might just up and annex everything between Norwalk and the Mexico border.


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