Good Guys 1, Pirates 0

Good news, the first of the four illegally uploaded copies of the audiobook edition of Escaping Infinity has been taken down by YouTube. The remaining copies will soon follow suit.

It turns out a quick e-mail to Audible this morning led to a quick e-mail from Audible to YouTube and after a little bit of this:


The illegal copy was dispatched.

If you are an author or narrator, please search YouTube – and do the search after you have logged out if you have an account – to make sure your content has not been stolen too.

If it has, file a complaint with both YouTube and Audible and action will be taken. Audible is losing a ton of money on these pirated copies and they are cracking down hard on the practice. But they need us to help them spot all of the illegal uploads.

But for tonight at least, the pirates have taken a shot amidships. They are taking on water and listing badly.

And that’s a good thing for the good guys!

And if you’d like to obtain a copy of one of my books, e-book or audio, please follow this link and purchase one of the many books you will find Amazon links to on the page.

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