Hey, YouTube, Worry About This Instead

Our would-be Cyberspace Masters from the Silicon Valley have anointed themselves the Guardians of RightThink. They’ve been relentlessly silencing anyone who dares commit the heinous sin of, gasp, wrongthink!

Communist-YouTubeBut in their zeal to murder the free exchange of thoughts and ideas, using the U.S. Constitution as nothing more than cheap toilet paper, they’ve been allowing a crime to take place.

Late Saturday night I stumbled across one of my audiobooks that had been uploaded to YouTube in its entirety and very much without my permission. And to make matters worse, another three copies have been discovered on YouTube.

Over 200 people have viewed the combined four uploads, resulting in a loss of sales of at least $3,600.00 and costing both myself and my narrator our share of the royalties. Add in the lost sales that are not tallied in the audiobook’s ranking on Amazon – a higher ranking increases the chances for additional sales, and we estimate a possible loss of $10,000. And who knows how many have downloaded it and shared it with others – or even sold their copy? That $10k could be a low-ball estimate.

Complaints have been filed with YouTube, but at last check, all four are still up. And these same YouTube accounts have other authors’ audiobooks uploaded and they too have hundreds of views piling up, costing them thousands in lost sales.

Maybe YouTube is too busy trying to be the Thought Police to actually police their own corrupt platform’s users?

Bayshore-hands-cuffedThis is theft, YouTube, and it is being carried out on your platform. Why don’t you get your own house in order before you try telling others what’s wrong with theirs?

Shame on those that steal the work done by authors and other creators and just give it away for free. We worked long and hard on these works. It is our decision to make as to selling them for a price, or giving them away for free, not yours.

Shame on people who encounter these stolen works and download them. You are stealing money from the creator whose content you have just stolen. Do you work for free? Why do you expect us to then?

It is bullshit like this that has me considering whether or not to shut it all down next year after I have finished off the projects I have committed to already. Being a WalMart greeter may not be a glorious job, but at least you don’t have to worry about some asshole stealing your wallet while you aren’t looking.

And in case I haven’t made myself clear, this is theft. And to all who have had a hand in this crime – YouTube, the thieving uploaders and the thieving freeloaders who have viewed the content without paying for it, I say this…


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