Government Workers And SF/F Don’t Mix

I’ve got three trolls that rise above the level of irritant. The rest are easily brushed aside without any effort aside from pushing the block button and sending them to their well-deserved obscurity.

But these three are something else. First, they can’t take a hint. Even when applied with the bluntness of a sledgehammer hitting a thumbtack. But I’ve noticed they share something in common – aside from being very miserable human beings of course – all three have spent significant time in the United States Government.

Now, I’m sure there are some good people in the public sector… give a second I’m trying to think of one…still thinking…nope, I got nothing. Back to the menage a trolls then.

Mike Glyer, our favorite Chinese Uncle from the House of 770 Vile Aromas, started his fanzine about 40 years ago. I had never heard of it until about two years ago, so I don’t know what it was like back then. But I imagine it was probably a readable fanzine like some of the well-known publications of the time.

I’ll give Mike the benefit of the doubt and say he started out as a regular fan but then something deep inside him twisted his fandom and turned him into the hateful old man he is today. I’ll posit the reason for this change is connected to his being hired by the Internal Revenue Service.

There are two kinds of people that appear qualified to work for the IRS. Those without souls and those who have souls that are easily burned away. Either way, they end up with a black void deep within that can never be exorcised. And my “good friend” ChinaMike has a void that is threatening to become a black hole. How so much anger and hate can be inside one person boggles the mind.

He has actively attempted to destroy the writing careers of many people who have done him no wrong. The lies and slanders he has told about myself and many others would put the Devil himself to shame. And in case you think I’m the only one who feels this way, read the words of an award-winning best-selling author, Larry Correia, regarding Mr. Glyer here and here.

Sounds like a great guy, eh?

Then we turn our attention to one Aaron Pound. Aaron has a blog where he reviews SF/F. He’s a Glyer wannabe, right down to the verbal abuse of authors he doesn’t like. Oh, he also took things to the next level with these wonderful tweets:


So, a woman writes an opinion that he disagrees with (the headline in the last tweet is a touch misleading but what else can you expect from Media Matters?) deserves to be beaten to death with a baseball bat? I wonder if Mama Pound is proud of him?

Now, aside from his blog, it does not appear that Pound has written anything, or even created anything of use to the SF/F universe. That’s probably because of his real “job”.


That’s right folks, you and I are paying Aaron Pound’s salary – and a mid-six figure one at that – to be a lawyer for the United States Government in Washington D.C. and advocate violently assaulting a woman for having a different opinion in his free time.

What a guy!

This brings us to Theresa Neilsen Snyder. She may, or may not because even her Wikipedia page can’t get the story straight, still be employed by Tor Books. She too attacks authors she doesn’t like with an amount of venom that would kill at least a million people.

Here’s some of her “high”lights:

What a lady!

She spent some time in D.C. right in the heart of the USG as well in her time.

Now, there may be some folks in the government who are decent people (EDIT: and by Government workers I’m talking D.C. bureaucracies and not our incredible men and women in the armed forces here)  that also are into science fiction and fantasy. If there are, I sure wish they would make themselves known.

Because if these three are the rule, rather than the exception, maybe it is time for us to not only weed out the rot in D.C. but in science fiction and fantasy fandom too.


If you are looking for some weekend sci-fi/fantasy reading, may I humbly suggest one of these three offerings?

When The Gods Fell

Escaping Infinity



scififantasy copy




    1. My point deals with those deep within the D.C.-based bureaucricies. Most if not all have not served in the military and the military people, I have found, tend to be very decent people. Nothing at all like these three trolls.

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  1. For every one of these govt worker SFF trolls there are many who are the opposite. We tend to be more like the old Reagan-era “Silent Majority” who prefer to keep our politics outside the office. When these trolls are present the entire office becomes a toxic wasteland. Unfortunately it is difficult to fire a Civil Servant. In reality they get shunned by their peers driving them further into their fantasy world. To see these three this deep in their own BS tells me they are VERY unpopular in their office.

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  2. Hey, I work for the government! (The good, state government, not the bad, federal government.) I would point out that I work with a lot of good people…but a large part of the problem is a corrosive culture, notwithstanding the merit of individuals. One problem you see both on the Left and the Right where a group skews heavily to one side is a tendency to freely, casually, and badly denigrate the other side. Inevitable, but relatively innocuous, for the most part, I think, but very scary when it is people given control over our lives backed up by men with guns.

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