Matt’s Not So Fantastic

You recall the story of Jeremy Hambly being assaulted at GenCon?

Well, his attacker has been positively identified as Matt Fantastic Loter. Seriously, that’s his legal name apparently.

NARRATOR: If you have to have it as your middle name, you probably aren’t so fantastic, son.

Well, from reports online, after the assault Mr. Fantastic fled Indiana at warp speed to return home to Connecticut. He then promptly scrubbed every social media account in his name and later deleted them all.

Not in time, sadly for him, as incriminating posts have been archived to be used in his criminal and civil trials. Also, there’s a very damning video where it appears that Matt admits to have assaulted someone at another Con in 2004. It also seems the Boy Blunder was a professor at a local college. I say was because after his little ambush, he’s no longer listed as part of that school’s faculty.

30440819_10215356910293940_6563392069094604800_nSo, let’s review shall we, Matty?

You “Punched A Nazi” and basked in the glory.

Then you realized the cops were after you and fled the state. You’ve lost your cushy position as a Professor. You are wanted by the police. Every time you see a cop you will break out in a sweat, wondering if they are coming for you now from now on. You are about to lose all of your worldly possessions when you lose the civil trial – well, those you haven’t already sold to pay off your lawyers over two cases.

If you are charged with and convicted of a felony, you will spend time in prison and lose your right to vote in 2020 when your personal devil Trump runs for re-election. You are going to have a very hard time finding a job higher than mopping the floors at McDonalds when you are released.

Turns out that punch you threw last week in Indianapolis, might turn out to cost you a lot more than it was worth, bud.


By the way, Matt, here is a story about someone who also hailed from Connecticut. This is what a real hero is. This is what a real man should aspire to be.

Posthumous Medal of Honor Recipient 

As an aside, shame on both the Bush and Obama Administrations for not recognizing this man during their tenures in the Oval Office.

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  1. I was talking about the same dynamic in my blog post “Has a New Civil War Been Declared?”. 25-year-old Chloe Wright used her car to try to run a man over just because he had a “Trump” bumper sticker on his vehicle. She’s been charged with at least one felony, and if convicted, could spend years in jail, plus have a felony record for life. This whole “punch a Nazi” think is backfiring in a big way.

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