Let’s End The Week On A Positive Note

It’s been quite the week here on the blog. For six straight days now we’ve set a new record for traffic to this site. I wish it had been for other reasons besides having to deal with a lunatic attacking a guest at GenCon, the continuing dumpster fire that is WorldCon76 and the ramblings of a hate-filled German brat against the best award in all of SF/F, the Dragons.

In dealing with these issues I feel like I’ve spent the week on full rampage. And don’t even get me started on the lynch mob that tried to get me thrown off of Twitter yesterday.

So, before I go full Howard Beale…



…let’s take the sage advice of King Leonidas and “cool our tongues.” And hopefully avoid ending up here:




We have one of the few remaining weekends of summer upcoming. Let’s say we all go out and enjoy it. That’s my plan. No work, no blogging, just roaming about Omaha and seeing some new parts of my new hometown. Let’s forget these idiots that want to spoil everything and go have some fun this weekend!


And if the weather is not favorable – too hot or too rainy – hit up Amazon and find a new book to read. There are plenty of great writers out there with new books.

Dawn Witzke, Jon del Arroz, Brian Neimer, Declan Finn, Larry Correia, David Weber and a host of others all have great reads across many genres.

And if you are looking for a game of thrones played out on ancient Mars…? Well, I’ve got just the thing for you:



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