A Blast From The Past

I’ve been doing a lot of interviews on radio shows and online blogs about writing and my books.

There’s one that is coming up soon that has an interesting idea. They ask their guests to talk about their first library, the one where they got into reading. The idea being that this early introduction to reading planted the seed for the writing to come.

And I think its a great idea. No spoilers, you’ll have to wait a few weeks for mine to show. I will link to it when it goes live. But they also asked for a picture of their guest reading at a young age – or something reading related if no photo existed.

I started reading when I was four. You would think as often as I had my face buried in a book someone would have snapped a photo. But after a lengthy search across several states, no photo was found.

But there was one picture of me at about four years of age. And it may have foreshadowed what was to come. Here it is…



I don’t have a clear memory of this moment – hey cut me some slack, its been 50 freaking years – but rumor has it that my story started out this way…



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