You Will Not Silence Us

An open letter to the following people and organizations that are seeking to destroy science fiction and fantasy in every medium across the board.


…Mike Glyer – who has allowed his position as a long-time blogger on all things SF/F to turn into something dark and ugly. Who has attacked writers for the sole crime of “wrongthink”.

…Camestros Felapton – a coward who hides behind an anonymous screen name – who is not anywhere near as smart as he/she thinks he is. Who oddly denies any connection to a couple despite moving from Australia to the U.K. and back to Australia at the very same time they did over a period of years. Who also attacks “wrongthinkers” and, like Glyer, has never read a single word of the books these authors have written.

…John Scalzi – who as a former President of the SFWA started us down this path during his tenure and continues to treat “wrongthinkers” with great disrespect.

…Cat Rambo – who as the current President of the SFWA not only continued Scalzi’s campaign of hate against half of SF/F, she has doubled down on it.

…The SFWA – who have sailed far away from its original charter – to promote the ENTIRETY of science fiction and fantasy. And the majority of its membership that has allowed – and even openly encouraged – these shameful attacks.

…WorldCon – who have banned authors for actions not taken.

…Aaron Pound – a sci-fi/fantasy blogger, who so desperately wants to be a gatekeeper, who has tweeted out his desire to see a woman punched in the face because she is a “wrongthinker”.

…and to many, many others who have sided with those listed above:

I know that for several years now you have done your damnedest to drive us out. You’ve tried to destroy our ability to market and publish our creations, to ban us from conventions, to slander us on social media and get us banned from those platforms as well. Recently, you’ve even escalated your hate into physically assaulting the “wrongthinkers” at Cons.

I know that you have done terrible things to those that have never truly wronged you – except in some twisted fantasy that exists only in your deranged minds.

I know someday karma will present herself to you and balance the books.

And I also know, that despite all of what you have done as listed above, I know that…



And we will still be here, writing, blogging, and creating new realms within the science fiction/fantasy universe long after history has forgotten you all. You will never silence our voices, no matter how hard you try.

Chew on that as your hate-filled lives and awards go down in flames.


For those who hunger for good sci-fi/fantasy, give my new book a read.

For thousands of years we have worshipped the gods and goddesses. But everything we thought we knew about them is all wrong. Now, as mankind lands on Mars, we’re about to hear the truth and nothing will be the same again.



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