WorldCon 76 (San Jose, 2018): The Dumpster Fire

I’m telling you, WorldCon76 is the gift that just keeps on giving.

They had to blow up the programming because “wrongpeople” were everywhere! So they cobbled a setup of panels and what not and released it. John Scalzi – a fellow escapee from McClatchy Newspapers – praised it in a Tweet thread:

Sweep it all under the rug all you want. But there’s one problem, Johnny Boy, it seems like the listed panelists and attendees – aren’t all actually going to be there and weren’t planning on coming at all:


Screenshot (27)

So, if you are heading to San Jose later this month and plan on meeting one of the listed guests, I wish you good luck.

Who knows if they’ll actually be there?

Man, I knew WorldCon was in a death spiral, but when you start making up who will be there as guests? Yikes!

Hey, maybe Lennay Kekua will be on the guest list in San Jose? I hear she’s real good at being non-existent. She’d fit right in at WorldCon.

And Johnny boy, WorldCon is failing. It’s just on a very long, slow death spiral and me and my peeps be like:



For thousands of years we have worshipped the gods and goddesses. But everything we thought we knew about them is all wrong. Now, as mankind lands on Mars, we’re about to hear the truth and nothing will be the same again.






  1. That’s hilarious, considering that I very clearly remember how the social justice zealot crowd threw a fit over Mike Resnick and something about ‘lady authors’ and ‘lady editors’ – it’s even mentioned in Wikipedia, and I’m linking an archive link in case someone decides to change it after I’ve linked it here.

    I vaguely thought I’d encountered first mention of it on Larry’s blog, but no, I think I ran into it at Sarah Hoyt’s and/or Mad Genius Club. But when I looked at Larry’s, the mention of it I do remember reading was entertaining enough I lost a good half hour reading again.

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