Some Days I Oughta…

I’m trying to wrap up the first installment of a steampunk series – a genre I’ve never attempted before – so I’ve been working very hard on focusing on the task at hand. But some days it seems the stupid is just bound and determined to get my attention no matter how hard I try to ignore it. I usually end up looking like this:

Why I Oughta

But today was a neverending stream of stupid on steroids and it demands comment. As well as rebuke, ridicule and a whole host of other suitable punishments to be heaped upon the guilty.

The day began with the reported assault upon YouTuber Jeremy Hambly – who comments on the state of gaming – being assaulted while attending GenCon in Indianapolis early this morning. His attacker landed a few punches before Hambly was able to find safe harbor in a bar. Unable to continue the attack, Hambly’s attacker then punched a bar window, shattering it.

The attacker has allegedly been identified and it remains to be seen if the Indianapolis police will take the matter seriously enough to arrest the perp. The Con, so far, has ignored the incident. As far as we know, the attacker’s 4-day Con pass has not been revoked, despite his having attacked another Con-goer.

Read more about the incident in question here.

Now, you might recall my having discussed Jon Del Arroz being pre-crimed by WorldCon76 and its chairman Kevin Roche. Jon’s crime was him saying he wanted to wear a body cam in case he was attacked. They laughed at him. Poo-poohed him. Then made up lies that he wanted to use the camera to harass people at the Con and banned him.

Given what just happened at GenCon, maybe Jon had a reason to want to be protected? Maybe WorldCon banned the cameras because they don’t want any proof that conservative creators now have targets on their backs at these gatherings and that the Con runners do not intend to do anything to protect their conservative guests?

Oh, by the way, we see conservative writers being physically assaulted and the leftist-SJWs are okay with that, even encourage it. The same people, by the way, that shriek for a safe space if someone shows up to – not physically assault – but just to express a different opinion.

We call these folks snowflakes. Now you know why.

Oh, speaking of Jon, seems Dynamite Comics decided to target Jon and a competing comic book line in one of their comics. Read the full story here.  Seems like Taylor Esposito allowed an intern – or so he claims it was the intern – to insert hateful insults against Jon in one of their issues. And this mysteriously unnamed intern managed to insert several insults aimed at Jon throughout the book as well as attacking a new Indie comic too.

Taylor’s excuses sound more like bald-faced CYA lying to me. First, since when do letterers have interns at any comic book publisher? Second, you don’t bother to double-check the intern’s work and notice something amiss? Third, Tay-Tay has a bit of a history with encouraging attacks against conservative writers. So his mea culpa is falling on deaf ears.

And where is Mike Glyer of FIle 770 – ChinaMike, the Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas – the great self-proclaimed gatekeeper of them all on these issues? Where is Cat Rambo, the face of the SFWA, condemning these attacks?

I’ll tell you where, cheering them on in their heart of hearts while remaining stone cold silent. As silent as both are when it comes to Walter Breen and Marion Bradley. Two of the vilest people you’ll ever meet. Pedophiles and child abusers both.

Award winners too in Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Those awards have not only not been revoked – Laura Ingalls Wilder’s legacy has been eviscerated for merely accurately recording the feelings and interactions of the settlers with the Native Americans in a non-fiction work and not for any actual crime. Yet, her name has been stripped from a literary award and her books are being removed by SJWs in libraries across the land.

Breen and Bradley? Still listed as award-winners. Still held in high regard. Unlike Wilder, their legacy in those circles remains sacrosanct.

And don’t think this idiocy is limited to literary circles.

The NY Times just hired a racist, sexist bigot to join its editorial board. She will be able to drive the opinion page with her bigotry. Catch a sample of her greatest hits from 2014:


The Times says they were aware of the tweets before hiring her and think they are a thing of the past. They aren’t. They continue on to this very day. The truth is, they not only don’t care that she is a bigot, I truly believe that her bigotry is exactly what they want inside their building.

And to no one’s surprise, the leftist SJWs are rushing to her defense. Think about that. They are defending bigotry.

But let us say it was Richard Spencer that the Times just hired and tweeted those very same tweets with only one word changed. Change white to black. Men to women. You think the bigot defenders would be speaking up in his defense?

Not at all. Because only certain kind of bigotry is acceptable to them.

After seeing this play out today I am glad I retired from journalism back in 2010 as I got a huge reminder why I left the field in absolute disgust.

Bigotry is bigotry, no matter what color the skin and the gender of the bigot.

And as for the unbridled hatred we are seeing from the SJWs in comics, gaming and other areas of sci-fi and fantasy, there is no room for it here. It is time for all of the so-called gate-keepers – Rambo, Glyer, WorldCon, Tor Books and all of the others in their hate-filled circle – to either stand up against it or get the hell out of our fandom.

Before someone gets killed would be a very good time to do this. And if they can’t, then they need to step down and let us get people in there who will.






  1. I am wildly confused by the whole Jeremy Hambly thing and am trying to understand what he might have done or been accused of, that resulted in someone physically assaulting him.

    Today, I wrote a fictionalized version of an actual incident that occurred recently, where a young women deliberately tried to kill a man with her car because he had a Trump bumper sticker on it (sorry about the spam…feel free to remove the link before approving the comment if you find it necessary).

    I’m having a discussion with a rather liberal fellow I know online (we’ve never met in person) in the comments section, and his explanation is that Donald Trump is inciting all of these violent acts because of his caustic tweets on twitter and in other venues.

    I keep trying to explain that people have free will (I know this can be a major point of contention in religious conversations, but we’ll save that one for another time) and are making conscious, willing choices. Trump can act like the biggest horse’s rump the world has ever seen, but if hate crimes are on the rise, individuals are choosing to commit them.

    So who is Jeremy Hambly anyway (sorry if that sounds ignorant).

    I was aware of the Times and their rather dubious recent hire. It’s amazing that Roseanne Barr and James Gunn can lose their jobs over tweets, Gunn’s being no more recent than 2011, but “professional twitter name” lady doesn’t. Then again, it is the New York Times.

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    1. Jeremy has a you tube channel and talks about gaming. Mostly Magic the Gathering. He has been very Anti-SJW. The person accused of assaulting him owns a game shop and before making his Twitter account private had made threats about fighting people he disagreed with. Sort of sounds like this was a pre-meditated attack, imho.

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