It Matters Not How Strait The Gate…

“…how charged with punishments the scroll; I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.”

– William Ernest Henley

We’ve been dealing with a lot of gates and related controversies lately in science fiction and fantasy fandom. Gamergate seemed to kick the trend off. Comicsgate followed, with a side order of “Make Mine Milkshake”, and the well-documented issues with the SFWA, WorldCon and the Hugos.

I don’t need to hash them all out here once again. We all know what went down and how one side has flat-out lied about it to try to deflect guilt away from themselves by claiming racism, sexism, etc, etc.

When you boil all the “-gates” down it comes down to this:

7gfo7A group of SJWs eyes a property that is doing well and invades it until they gain control. Then, they dismantle everything that made the property attractive to others and rebuild it in their sick image of what they think is “rightthink”. Then, when the majority stands up and calls them out for what they’ve done, the SJWs play the “-ism” card(s). They have to actually because they have no other defense.

In almost every case, the so-called “wrongthinkers” are merely pointing out the poor quality of the product now being produced. And in every case, the product is indeed very poor. This is what happens when you take well-established characters, canon, universes and franchises and try to turn them into something they were never meant to be.

For some time now, playing the “-ism” cards worked. Because no one wants to be called racists or sexist or any kind of “-ist”. But lately, those cards have lost their magic. Mainly because more people are seeing them for the lie that they are. And the SJWs are in a full-throated panic.

They are lashing out, and oddly enough, at their own allies. At times, as I watch this madness play out, I feel like I am the old man who appears at the 53-second mark of this clip from the Pink Panther movie.

Chase scene

With the meltdown of WorldCon 76 – and some epic meltdowns we are seeing on Twitter (you should see what some Tor Books people are doing on that platform, smearing a Hispanic author they’ve found guilty of “wrongthink”) we are seeing a pile-up much like the one in the clip above.

It will eventually lead to the end of the SJWs and the platforms they’ve infested. The good news is that there are many indie authors like myself out there already filling the void for readers hungry for entertaining content.

We, as the quote above says, have chosen to be the “master of our own fate, the captain of our souls.” We have decided to bypass the “gate-keepers” and provide you, the readers/consumers, the kind of entertainment you’ve been looking for.

New COver copySpeaking of, my new book, When The Gods Fell, has been released earlier than scheduled. You can order your print copy today and pre-order your copy for Kindle and read it first thing tomorrow morning when it downloads to your device. It’s just $3.99 on Kindle and free on Kindle Unlimited.

It’s a game of thrones played out on ancient Mars! Oracle of the House Delphi has waited 65 million years to tell her story. Now that humanity has stepped foot on the red planet, she finally can. What she has to say will change not only how we see our past, but what lies ahead for our future.

Order your copy now!


  1. I have found, in my 75 years in this world, that if everyone turns their backs and ignores the “gatekeepers'” they have no one to attack and get a response from, so they tend to turn on each other. Such is the case, it seems, in this instance.

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  2. This is a very succinct and accurate description of what happens, Richard. Thank you. I’ll have to bookmark it for future reference!

    A good example right now is Piers Morgan, who I generally do not like because of his being a slimy weasel, especially in regards to people who aren’t left-leaning and his general POV on self defence and gun rights. But when he’s reduced to banging his head on the table because of what he’s hearing coming out of a person’s mouth and sputtering about how unreasonable they are, I’m both laughing, and marveling that I’m agreeing with him for a change. The apocalypse, I tell you. Four horsemen. Etc.

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  3. If only the WorldCon lunatics were as funny as ‘The Pink Panther’, I could forgive their sins a lot more easily. But shame on you, Sir, for linking to a scene that was actually entertaining, from a movie made in the Dark Ages when people thought the purpose of entertainment was to entertain! Don’t you know the purpose of entertainment is to shriek, ‘Check your privilege!’ as loud as possible, to show how ‘woke’ you are? Tsk, tsk.

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