WorldCon, Twitter And The Salem Witch Trials

I’ve always said I married up. Cheryl is nearing her Doctorate – yes I will insist we are introduced as Dr. & Mr. Paolinelli.

I was telling her some of the highlights of WorldCon76’s self-inflicted gunshot wounds, as well as the recent Twitter bomb unloaded on James Gunn by James Gunn himself. Not to mention the recent #metoo scandals. She came up with an interesting analogy I hadn’t considered. And it is dead on target.

With WorldCon feasting on its own people for not being “woke” enough to understand that going broke is the endgame when playing at Social Justice and Gunn being the latest leftist to fall she said it sounds to her like the last days of the Salem Witch Trials.

Bridget-Bishop-Salem-83931673XC-56aa22b85f9b58b7d000f8c8When they’d run out of “wrongthinkers” (aka witches) the Trials turned on the people who’d been staunch supporters of the Trials in the early days. Suddenly, those very same people found out what it was like being on the other side. They didn’t much like that.

Sanity finally returned when enough people realized that much of what they’d been led to believe was a steaming pile of oxen-shit and put an end to it. I’m sure anyone remaining who’d been at the forefront of the movement didn’t find life so fun when the hysteria burned out and reason returned.

I think we may be approaching that today. It will probably be a little bit longer before we reach the end of this madness, but a lot of people are starting to see the truth. We see it in the clearly manifested movement of consumer dollars to indie and small publishers in books, comics and other media.

Indie projects by Ethan Van Sciver, Jon del Arroz and many others are easily meeting and exploding past their target goals. One project raised about 6000% – yes six thousand percent – of its goal.  Indie book publishers are selling books right and left.

graph-decline-lowering-red-arrow-67743027Meanwhile, Marvel and DC are seeing their comics sales plunge. Other media are seeing similar declines. Why? Because people want to be entertained. If they want to be preached at, they’ll go to church, not pick up a book, a comic book, turn on the TV or log onto the ‘Net.

So, for now, folks like Sciver, Del Arroz, myself, Superversive Press and a long list of authors I wouldn’t be able to begin to list here, will continue to provide the content people are craving to enjoy.

In the meantime, grab some popcorn and join me in watching the last days of Social Justice Zealot madness burn down the institutions that allowed themselves to be overrun with this infestation.

If nothing else, it should be a whole lot more entertaining than any content any of them have ever produced.


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