Follow-up On Worldcon 76

You’ll have to forgive me for yesterday’s brief, and somewhat cryptic post. But the schadenfreude was strong within me yesterday and I couldn’t stop laughing at the train wreck that WorldCon 76 has become.

tenorWhat took place yesterday has been several years in the making and there was no way I could explain it all whilst busy laughing at, and not-so-gently reminding some folks that Karma is not a very nice lady.

Let’s start with yesterday when all hell broke loose on the people running WorldCon this year in San Jose. They released the programming for their upcoming convention and managed to step on more landmines than have ever been laid out by every combined military force in all of history.

They misgendered a guest (not a big deal to me because I only see two genders – he/she, his/hers – and I am pretty sure this country allows me to refer to anyone as I please no matter what they choose to call themselves). You have every right to “choose” your pronoun – I’m cool with that even though I think its a tad silly – just as I have every right to ignore that choice.

Its that pesky freedom of speech thingy. Don’t like that? Then pass a law that says I have to but that means you have to carry some sort of ID that is easily seen so I don’t have to guess it. And yes, anyone who gets mad at me over that is free to call me what they want and to refuse to buy my books. That’s how it works here, folks.

The other crime the ConCom was guilty of was to not invite a diverse enough group for the panels. Then they stepped right onto the MOALM (Mother Of All Land Mines) by stating that some of the Hugo nominees and some obscure hashtag were so unknown by 4/5th of the attendees that they weren’t given a panel.

That’s when all hell – and virtue signaling – broke loose. People withdrew from all of the programming. People decided not to attend the Con at all, saying they did not feel safe because an “e” (his pronoun of choice) was referred to as a “he” (THE HORROR!!!!!). Others went to social media and attacked the people running the Con.

It was glorious. No, I’m not sadistic. Salty, yes, but not sadistic.


It was fun to sit back, eat some popcorn and watch it all burn to ash because most of, if not all of, the people running about with their hair on fire have spent the last several years attacking me and other writers. Watching them eat their own felt like justice, the kind you get when watching the person who murdered a loved one get the needle in their arm.

You may or may not have heard of the Sad Puppies. (Not to be confused with Vox Day’s Rabid Puppies no matter how hard the other side tries to link the two together. Vox was looking for revenge for the way he was (wrongly) thrown out of the SFWA and wanted to burn the Hugos to the ground and salt the earth over the ashes.)

The Sad Puppies have been smeared in ways that should have led to many lawsuits and ruined careers in journalism circles. They’ve been called racists, homophobes and a few other things I won’t print here. Actually, I should say we’ve been called those things. Because while Sad Puppies ended just as I arrived on the literary scene, I have proudly aligned myself with their cause. Had I been active before 2015, I’d have been right there in the middle of it.

But while the SJWs that have overrun the SFWA and WorldCon have resorted to lies, slander and smears, the truth is the Sad Puppies never objected to authors based on their gender, race or sexual orientation.

Why? Because we don’t care about any of that!

The Sad Puppies point in all of this was that it was who the author was, what boxes they checked off in the name of social justice, and not the quality of the story itself that was determining not only who won a Nebula or a Hugo – but who was even being nominated for them.

Authors who had been found guilty of wrongthink were being frozen out, even though their works were head and shoulders above even the works that were winning.

In 2015, WorldCon proved the Sad Puppies point better than we ever could. They blatantly froze out any Sad Puppy nominee in any category where a non-puppy nominee option wasn’t available. In several categories, No Award, was announced as the winner that night. And the audience cheered as they literally burned down their own house.

As a final fuck you to the puppies, David Gerrold handed out these charming mementos.


Note that it says Wooden Asterisk? At the Con they were called Wooden Assholes. And the attendees laughed and cheered as they shit on their award’s grave.

Since then, the attacks on anyone affiliated with the Sad Puppies have continued. I was targeted initially for giving away a free book. (THE NERVE!!!!) The book was given to attendees of OdesseyCon in Wisconsin when the literary guests of honor went full snowflake and bailed on the Con a few days before it opened.

Since they could not get a last-second literary guest as a replacement, several authors donated a book to be given out as a way to have some sort of literary presence for the attendees, who had done nothing wrong and had been caught in the middle of a fight they had no dog in.

Shortly after, the charges of racism and homophobia and all of the other standard-issue SJW attack cards have been thrown my way. None of them are true. No one can find anything I’ve posted as evidence to support their claims. But like any liar, they keep saying it anyway.

After a couple of years of this BS you’ll understand why I was laughing so hard yesterday. And when I wasn’t laughing I was reminding a few people that Karma can be a real bitch, as they were finding out.



Kevin Roche heads up WorldCon76. He has been busy practicing pre-crime against an innocent author – Jon Del Arroz – and banning Jon from WorldCon 76 months before for saying he was thinking – JUST THINKING – of wearing a body cam in case he was attacked at the Con (which was a threat he had received) so that they could not claim he had started something.

Perhaps if Kev had been paying more attention to running the Con instead of being a Social Justice Zealot he wouldn’t have found himself in a galactic-sized dumpster fire yesterday?

As for the aforementioned David Gerrold? He got a reminder of 2015 in the form of this little token sent to him via Twitter:

WorldCOn2018 copy

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have enjoyed yesterday so much. But after three years of this nonsense, I hope you’ll indulge my enjoyment of yesterday’s kerfuffle.

The one thing WorldCon 76 has managed to do better than any of us Sad Puppies could have is this: Exposed to the world the hypocrisy and the rot at the top of WorldCon, the SFWA, the Nebulas and the Hugos.

Once the fires die down, maybe we can get back to promoting and celebrating ALL creators of science fiction and fantasy – and discard forever the political purity tests that have infected our fandom for the last decade.

I hope yesterday has burned out the infection so that the body as a whole can heal. In the meantime, we Sad Puppies may not be as vocal as three years ago. But we’re still here and we have backup:




  1. Best of luck on it going back just yet. They’ve not ate enough of their own to realize just how STUPID it was all.

    It’ll take quite a bit more yet for them to twig onto what they just did to themselves.

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  2. Okay, that explains a lot. You’ve apparently read my own meager commentary on my blog based on the only article I found written on the WorldCon 76 implosion. It was published at “The Daily Dot,” (not particularly objective) which tried to make Sad Puppies sound like the exclusionary element, and (somehow) the cause for Kevin Roche and Company’s series of gaffes.

    The incredible irony is that both you and I (not that my opinion matters since I’m not as yet a player in the published SF/F game) fundamentally want the same thing: for everybody to jump in the pool and be able to swim. The world is a big enough place for the widest possible (or at least reasonable) variety of voices. Regardless if you say “that African-American woman can’t join,” or “that Transgender person can’t join,” or “that White guy can’t join,” you’re still being biased and exclusionary.

    Let everybody write and promote their wares at the Cons and let quality of writing (as opposed to manipulated awards, social justice politics, and progressivism) win the day.

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      1. Stock up on disinfectant now that you’ve been spotted by ChinaMike and his merry band of Chinese Web Farm Bots. We don’t call that place the House of 770 Vile Aromas for nothing. 😉

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      2. Heh. A few months back, ChinaMike decided to post a screenshot of his website traffic compared to Larry Correia’s – leader of the Sad Puppies – to show he had more followers than Larry.

        Only problem was, on that very same screenshot, it showed that about 93% of the visitors to ChinaMike’s site came from web farms in China. The kind that you pay for to boost your site traffic to make it look like it is more popular than it actually is with fake clicks done by computers, not actual readers.

        Thus the moniker “ChinaMike, Lord of the House of 770 Vile Aromas”.

        Hey, he started this fight by attacking me out of the blue and with a false allegation at that. I’m just finishing it. 😉

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    1. Probably the best one to look for reference to, regarding Sad Puppies, is Larry Correia himself – namely, the one who created the original Sad Puppy campaigns years ago. A search on his blog will show quite a number of posts, but I think the original Sad Puppy ones were close to 2012. The TLDR version is: Larry said that the awards were being given out only to a certain set group of politically ‘acceptable’ folks / political alignment and certain people in certain circles (both really apply) over quality of writing or story; when he was called out for it, he predicted that if he got on the nominations, there would be a giant freakout. To prove the point, he got the nomination by doing what every other writer had been doing, which was ‘hey, I’m eligible for this award, on this book, if you like my stuff, nominate me’ on his blog (which has a MASSIVE following). The freakout happened, and his point was proven. Sad Puppies 2 and 3 grew from that. Three was the worst, as it basically got the mainstream media circling the wagons, and publishing outright slander and libel, and for a number of people was the day that Worldcon set itself on fire laughing gleefully that nobody could get their precious, it was all theirs now.

      Larry’s official reaction to the current Worldcon kerfuffle is:

      For those coming late to the game, the commentary might seem cruel and uncaring, jeering in fact, but as Richard has said, we’ve been getting the crap for pointing out something (and really, looking back now, that exposure of Worldcon is but a part of the symptom going on with the current ongoing and increasing escalation of the outrage crowd’s screaming.) I will warn that if you find swearing offensive, you’ll find a lot of it on Larry’s blog when he feels it’s warranted, both in-post and in comments; but if you’re willing to read past that, you’ll find that he has been saying something that needed saying – not just about the industry, but also about people’s attitudes and increasing frailty towards pretty much everything.

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      1. Three was the worst because there was significant threats of various sorts (your friends will never speak to you again or will mob you on social media) toward vulnerable authors if they allowed those bad people (who insisted from day one that they cared about stories and would nominate anyone of any sort and any political affiliation) to like your work.

        Of course, actually recommending stories and authors in a “big tent” sort of way was the worst threat because it would show who was wrong… so there was serious work done during the run-up to make sure that people knew not to allow themselves to be nominated.

        Honestly, if we were going to just nominate our friends, why bother with that?

        It made the list of recommendations a bit thinner but we were going to play by the rules. And then the last thing happened…. no one had ANY notion how few votes it took to nominate for the Hugo. Everyone thought we might get a few nominees in the batch, but apparently it really IS possible for a tiny group of insiders to control the nominations and was shockingly and utterly *accidentally* easy for a few outsiders to do the same.

        So Puppies swept the nominations and the World lost it’s sh*t.

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      2. Just in case someone wants to nit-pick my claim that vulnerable authors were threatened… lets just say that vulnerable authors aren’t idiots (do recall Requires Hate*) and they know entirely well and are well able to anticipate the reaction and behavior of their “peers”.

        Very much, in fact, the sort of hunting for fault that we’re seeing with World Con this year.

        Social pressure to keep people in line is as human as it’s possible to be, it just works really well on the vulnerable and dependent and doesn’t tend to work at all on anyone who isn’t vulnerable nor dependent on that “community”.

        * (A Hugo was won that year for an accounting of the toxic and abusive behavior of a person called “Requires Hate” who targeted vulnerable under-represented authors for their failures to be perfectly conforming to requirements in what they wrote… The accounting of this behavior was the SINGLE non-Puppy related entry that was listed on some of the distributed and promoted lists for No Award.)

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      3. Yeah, they didn’t LIKE that the behaviour of Requires Hate was documented quite openly for them to see – Requires Hate was one of their favorites, their own.

        There’s also the fact that ‘friends’ rang Mrs. Correia out of the blue offering to ‘help her escape’ her husband, citing hearing about her being physically abused/beaten/etc – all lies, naturally, because she was first puzzled, then angry, as I recall.

        And since Larry and family were well known to the local police as Good People (Larry’s known for giving self defense shooting classes to women, gays, minorities, rape and abuse survivors), trying that avenue I reckon wouldn’t have worked.

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