Dispatches From Omaha: July 21, 2018

So, we have been in Nebraska now for just over two months and we keep getting asked the same question: “You moved here from California? On purpose?”

Yes. We did. On Purpose.

People here in Nebraska can’t seem to grasp why. Partly it is due to California being seen as this golden land where everyone is a movie star and drives Mercedes and wears Gucci.

It’s great PR. It’s also 100% Grade-A BS.

I’ll list the only six things that qualify as great about California:

  1. It sits next to the Pacific Ocean
  2. Disneyland
  3. My kids and grandkids live there
  4. The produce that comes out of the Central Valley
  5. The Los Angeles Kings
  6. The Sierra Mountains

That’s it. The rest of the place is now a crap-hole.

Prices on everything are stupid-high. Taxes are stupid-high and only getting higher as the state is forced to tax those foolish enough to remain even more as more people flee the state. The state government is insane, a testament on why one party holding a super-majority stranglehold is a very dumb idea, and determined to pass more laws intending to make you a criminal no matter what you do.

And to top it off, now they are seeing to it that the people who live there no longer have a say in how things are run. Between allowing non-citizens to vote (Hello, San Francisco) and now running to a friendly judge to block the people from voting on a Proposition to split the state into three new states.

I’m not saying the split is a great idea. But it is in the State’s constitution that the people have the option to go to a proposition vote to get things done when the elected leaders refuse to listen to them.

downloadBut with some whacko-extremist group – not elected by the people to any office – running to court to block the Proposition from getting onto the ballot in November two things are clear to me:

  1. California is lost. It is now Kaliforniastan. Freedom and democracy are officially dead there.
  2. We got the hell out of there in the nick of time.

As for any culture shock here in Nebraska, I’m not worried. Between stays in North Dakota, Colorado and Texas I’ve logged in 14 years of Midwestern living.

Not only will I be okay as a Midlander, just two months in I can tell you I feel like I’ve been a Midlander all of my life.

Or as I state in my Twitter profile: Californian by birth. Nebraskan by choice.





  1. People are moving to Idaho in droves from places like California, western Oregon, and western Washington (the eastern parts of the last two states are pretty much like Idaho) because it’s too expensive to live. We don’t want them. They jack up the cost of living, overload our roads and our schools, and then expect to change the laws here so they can “Californicate” what makes Idaho (for the most part) a really great state, especially to raise kids (which was a large part of why we moved here over 20 years ago).

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    1. In happened to the Central Valley in California back in the 1980s. We called them BATs, Bay Area Transplants. They made the Bay Area an unaffordable, unlivable craphole. Then they looked over the Altamont Pass and saw Tracy, Modesto and Turlock. Smaller town with affordable housing and low crime rates where you could raise your kids.

      They swarmed into these towns like locusts. Drove up COL to Bay Area levels, brought increased crime and oppressive laws that were in direct conflict with the long-held way of life. Now they are starting to do the same to areas like Austin, TX, Washington and Oregon.

      I don’t understand why they flee the rot and bring the very things that ruined the place they used to live in with them. Its like they don’t understand what it is they were fleeing to begin with.

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