Audiobook News

Through a crazy quirk, and a delayed start, I’ve actually got two audiobooks in production at the same time. Which means I’m getting chapters for each book every other day.

Fortunately, they are not arriving on the same days, which is the only reason why I haven’t gone stark raving mad. Because trying to edit two audiobooks at the same time is flat out crazy and something I will not do again.

The good news is, sometime in August the first book, Betrayals, will be out and on September 4th the second, When The Gods Fell, will be released along with the Kindle and print versions of the novel.

Here are the Audiobook covers:

Betrayals_Audiobook_ copy


And if you want you can pre-order When The Gods Fell for the Kindle (hopefully soon for the audiobook and print editions as well) today. I know the print edition that shows up on Amazon will say July 28, 2018 but that is Createspace being stupid and not allowing me to set a release date. All I can do is approve the proof and not select distribution channels until August 29th. So copies of the book will not be available via any platform until Sept. 4th.

HAve I mentioned how much fun independent publishing is?

One other publishing bit of news: All Tuscany Bay Books are available for free if you have Kindle Unlimited. Most are $2.99 now to buy outright for Kindle with a few novellas going for just $0.99 cents.

When The Gods Fell will be $3.99 for the audiobook and the print edition will be $14.99. I’m thinking the audiobook will go for around $18.00.

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