Dispatches From Omaha: July 16, 2018

Just a short post today because – despite just three hours of exposure at O Comic Con on Saturday – I came down with the dreaded ConCrud.

For you not familiar with the term it is an affliction associated with attending a large convention of any type. Somehow, you manage to come home and wake up the next day feeling like crud. I’m told it passes quickly. I hope this is true.

But I have discovered that I intend on staying in Nebraska, well, forever. The reason?

0075450102070_CL_default_default_largeI found an ice cream maker that still makes Butter Brickle ice cream and they are limited to distributing in this area. Oh, they call it Butter Crunch, but it is Butter Brickle. As the name implies, it has a butter-flavor to it and it has toffee bits folded in.

It is pure heaven in a bowl.

So, yes, I’m a permanent resident of Nebraska now. Catch you tomorrow, after I have another bowl of this ambrosia, of course.

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