Drop By And Say Hi!

If you are in the general area of Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, July 14th swing by the Mid-America Center across the Missouri River in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The fourth annual O Comic Con is being held there from Friday through Sunday.

tenorAt 5 p.m. in the Danvers Room of the arena I will be joining Dawn Witzke for a panel discussion on Criticism, Culture and the Future of Entertainment. Here’s a description of the panel:

It’s hard to miss the attacks on creators with the “wrong” opinion in todays culture. With online attacks, doxxing, SWATting and personal attacks, it’s getting somewhat dangerous to create under your own name. This panel will be discussing the unfortunate state of entertainment (comics, writing, art, etc) and how a small group of people are trying to change things through creating a professional guild for creators of all stripes to get support. We’ll also discuss how small presses have cropped up to take on stories that don’t have a place among the big publishers. And if we have time, answer questions on how to handle the personal attacks, attack reviews, etc.

I’ll be roaming about the arena before and after the panel, so you might bump into me. If you do, make sure you say hello and I hope you enjoy our panel on Saturday as well as the rest of what this Con has to offer.

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy of my upcoming new release: When The Gods Fell. It’s Game of Thrones on ancient Mars!

New COver copy



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