Pre-Order Available Now

The release date is not until Sept. 4th, but you can pre-order your Kindle copy of When The Gods Fell right now, right here:

I’m hoping to have the print edition up for pre-order soon. But for now, here’s an excerpt from the book for you to enjoy:



“It’s going to be nothing short of a miracle if we do find it,” Buffa said as the two men made their way on foot along Curiosity’s route the next morning. “We still don’t know how long it kept moving and in what direction it might have headed off to after we lost contact back in ’22.”

“Yes,” Matsuo agreed. “It is strange the orbiters could never locate it from orbit and narrow our search area.”

“Maybe a giant Martian hawk swooped in and carried it off,” Buffa quipped. “Or it rolled up a ramp and into an alien spaceship.”

“You’ve watched way too many conspiracy shows.”

“I’m not kidding,” Buffa exclaimed, pretending indignation as he pointed up toward some rocks as they made their way through a pass in the outer crater wall. “They saw all sorts of things in the photos Curiosity sent back. Buildings, lizards and all sorts of crazy nonsense that kept the ‘Net hopping back in the day. Somewhere around where we’re at right now they even claimed they saw a woman.

“Turned out to be a rock in the shadows, but a lot of folks back then were dead serious that a living person was walking around on Mars without a suit.”

“Right now,” Matsuo interrupted, “I’d settle for some tracks or a sign of where Curiosity is holed up, even if it did come from some strange Martian woman.”

As the twins continued walking on, neither of them noticed that the very rock Buffa had just pointed at moments before had begun to transform. The red sand piled up around it quickly slipped away and the rock itself split in half. Out from the dark void that the new opening had revealed stepped a woman with long flowing black hair. Her purple gown rustled as she stepped into the open and she drew in the nitrogen-rich atmosphere in much the same manner as one on Earth would while standing on a beach and taking in the salty ocean air. Her dark eyes quickly located the two suited figures below and a great look of relief spread across her classically featured face.

“You have no idea how it pleases me to see you, my children,” she called out, her voice almost magically projecting so that it could have been heard across the entire crater itself. Her words came across clearly in both men’s helmet speakers.

As both men turned around in shock, neither could say if it had been the woman’s voice itself, or the fact that they had heard her words in their respective native languages, that came as the bigger surprise to them.

“I have waited for this day for many millions of your years,” the woman continued. “I feared that you would not come in time.”

“Who are you?” Matsuo asked, the first of the two men to find his voice.

“My name is Oracle Veritas,” she replied, “I am of the House of Delphi in the Caste Olympia. I have been tasked to tell you our story. There is much to tell and precious little time to tell it.”

“Why?” Buffa asked.

“Because a dark force is rising up once again,” the strange woman replied. “And I fear that this time it will destroy us once and for all.”

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