Dispatches From Omaha: July 6, 2018

I meant to get this off earlier today but thanks to some still unknown party, I have been battling a stomach flu for the last 24 hours. This is how the conversation will go if I ever discover the identity of the brigand:

  • TheThing

But here’s a couple of updates of Omaha life whilst I await an airdrop of Pepto Bismol. We tried a place called First Watch in Omaha. The theme is a San Francisco-style setup with a San Francisco-style menu. Whole grains and organic produce only. They did have turkey sausage. Not sure if it was free range.

The food was…ok. Personally, I dislike it when I stick my fork into my serving of scrambled eggs and I hear clucking. Loose eggs are a San Francisco thing.

The biggest strike against the place is the San Francisco vibe. I moved 1,500 miles east to leave that nonsense behind. I hope it isn’t following me.


On a related note, we’ve had firework displays going off here every night since Friday, June 29th. Not just small fireworks shot off by people in the neighborhood. I’m talking this level, every night for seven straight nights:


Yep, it’s nice to be living back in America again after eight long years in Kaliforniastan.



  1. You too? I spent the evening of the 4th of July puking into a toilet and three days later, it’s still giving me problems. My wife woke up to the same thing this morning. I thought maybe we got it from our granddaughter, but I see the bug travels over the internet.

    On a sad note, I just found out this morning that Spider-Man and Doctor Strange artist and creator Steve Ditko passed away at the age of 90. He was responsible for many of my happiest childhood moments.

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