A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Texas…

A few weeks back, shortly after the big move to Omaha was completed, I had to hop into the car and head for Texas on family business. Looking over the map, I decided my best chance to avoid rush hour traffic during the 11.5-hour, 790-mile drive (Yes, I know how fast I had to be going to do that with three stops for food and fuel mixed in, thank you very much) was to depart at about 4 a.m. Which I did.

Taking Highway 75 south is the best way to get to Topeka, Kansas and Interstate 35, which would take me all the way to my destination in Texas. So off I went before the first light of the new day.

I was near Nebraska City, just enough light out to make out the houses, barns and other buildings as I zoomed drove by them. An odd-looking barn caught my eye for a split second and when I looked back out the front windshield I saw a blur zip right in front of the car.

I braced for impact but there was none. So I figured it was likely a barn owl, a dog or maybe a small deer moving fast. Luckily, whatever it was would make it home same and sound that day, and I would not have to explain to the rental car company why I was bringing the car back in less than pristine condition. I went to Texas, saw to my affairs there and returned home and forgot all about it.

Until this last weekend as I was compiling the urban legends for Nebraska, part of a series we’re doing over at Urban-Fantasy.com.

One of the legends, as you will see if you followed the link above, deals with Seven Sisters Road. Seems a father, or their brother, murdered all seven sisters back in the day. Legend has it their ghosts can be seen, and sometimes heard, even today.

“So what?” you might ask.

Well, I was very near the area where that happened and where those sightings take place when I had my little encounter that morning. And the more I think about it, the more I wonder exactly how I hadn’t hit whatever that blur was. Because it was right in front of the car when I saw it and I didn’t have time to swerve or brace for impact before I was past the point where it had been an instant before.

So, was that a few fortunate bird or animal? Or did I have my own spooky encounter with an urban legend?

I not saying. I’m just saying…


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