Life Imitates Art – 20 Years Later

When my novel, Betrayals, was released just before the 2016 Presidential election here in the U.S., a lot of people suspected I had written it in response to the candidacy of Donald Trump.

betrayals-5-star-copyThe accusations of Russian ties to Trump’s campaign were in full throat even before the voters went to the polls. So here comes my second book, Betrayals, in the Jack Del Rio series. It was the sequel to, Reservations, with a cover that had split flags of the United States and the old Soviet Union on it.

The book’s plot revolves around a post-World War II plot begun in the Soviet Union to infiltrate the political, financial and business leaderships in the U.S. and in Great Britain. The ultimate goal was to have Soviet-friendly people at the head of the power centers in both countries.

Sounds like a book written by an opportunistic author looking to cash in on the current political rhubarb were watching on a daily basis, right?

Well, you would be very wrong.

Because while Reservations was the first book released, and chronologically the first in the series’ own timeline, it wasn’t the first book written. That distinction went to Betrayals, which was originally written as a screenplay entitled, Inauguration Day… back in 1996.

You read that right. I wrote about a President-elect who was suspected of being a Russian puppet two decades before the world went mad and one side of the political spectrum began to believe that this has actually happened.

When I decided to take the Del Rio character off the screenplay page and make his story into a novel, it occurred to me that the backstory I had created for the script would serve as the perfect first book for a series.

wb_coverThus, Reservations, which introduces us to Jack, solves a mysterious string of assassinations on the Navajo Reservation and drops the first hints of the political conspiracy Del Rio will battle in the second book, was written and released in 2015.

Betrayals was written and ready to go before Trump even declared his candidacy. And I did not change a single word of the manuscript even as the 2016 campaign played out in all of its bizarre complexity.

You can imagine what I was thinking as 2016 unfolded. It was almost as if someone had read Betrayals and said: “Hold my beer.”

Now, you will notice a lot of differences between the plot and the characters within it and the way these last 18 months have proceeded as well as the key players involved. So Betrayals isn’t a word-for-word blueprint of what is to come. But its got just enough similarities to make one wonder: DId I really just cook that storyline up from scratch, or did I channel my inner Nostradamus?

Why don’t you read the entire series and then decide that for yourself?


You can get all three books in one volume in e-book or print or;

Get Reservations as an e-book, print or audiobook and then:

Get Betrayals as an e-book or in print (an audiobook edition starts production in July and hopefully will be out by September) and then;

Get the series finale, Endgames, as an e-book. A print version is coming soon as is an audiobook edition (2019).

Or, if political mystery-thrillers isn’t your cup of tea, check out these books that are currently on sale to celebrate LibertyCon 2018. From sci-fi/fantasy to baseball ebooks for just 99 cents and a satirical-parody horror story that is free to download starting tonight at midnight, there should be something there for you to enjoy.




  1. Sounds like the plot of the 2016 film “Captain America: Winter Soldier” where Hydra, the advanced technology division of Nazi Germany during World War Two, infiltrated the U.S.’s SHIELD organization from its very inception. “Hail Hydra.”

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