To Be Men – A Review

I have a story in Superversive Press’ anthology – To Be Men: Stories Celebrating Masculinity. The title is, The Last Hunt. Tamara Wilhite’s review of my story, which pretty much nails it correctly, goes thusly:

“The Last Hunt” by Paolinelli

There are a number of adages that try to say that all violence is bad, that all war and ending of another human’s life is evil. Reality is, to quote Denis Prager, “those who do not confront evil resent those who do.” The Allies went to war to stop both the Nazi killing machine and the Japanese atrocities in World War 2. Liberals seek to send soldiers into war to end genocides, though they do not call it war; they don’t want to admit that “peace-keeping” often requires violence.

Paolinelli’s short story is in the same vein but takes a novel approach to the concept. Would you kill one person to save a million? We can say that about Hitler and time machines now, but what if it was truly such a circumstance? A hunter is asked to kill the few escaped infected to save the likely last remnants of humanity, knowing he may never go back to his own family. But he risks his life to save those back home and everyone else for the good of us all.


Here is her entire review of all of the stories.

Check out the entire volume, you won’t be sorry, on Amazon right here.


One Comment

  1. Congratulations. I read the full review and the stories sound compelling, especially in light of how popular culture is currently celebrating what I would call the “beta male.”



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