A Call To Independence

No, this isn’t a political post. Or a call to the next American Revolution so don’t go calling the Secret Service on me like I’m Peter Fonda or something.

I’ve recently supported a couple of independent comics/graphic novel projects. It didn’t set me back a lot of money to do so and I will have first editions of two new books added to my collection. Who knows, maybe they’ll be worth something down the line?

But this wasn’t a financial investment to enrich my coffers. It is a financial investment to 21105990_818774524970731_8043817476794804918_nencourage independent creators and enrich their bank accounts so they can continue to create in their medium of choice. I’ve been doing the same for independent authors for some time now. I find that it is a reward for me, knowing I’m helping out someone who is in the same boat I am in. Trying to make our way through the maze we call publishing today.

It got me to thinking though. Maybe this is what we should all be doing. Even if it is just buying one $2.99-$4.99 e-book a week, or every two weeks, or one a month, on a regular basis. Whatever your budget can afford. There’s even a good selection of works to be found for less than a dollar.

Basically, the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks at most. But instead of supporting the Evil Empire, you’d be supporting an independent artist and giving them a chance to create something new for you to enjoy down the line. And, where applicable, don’t forget to leave a review. can-haz-cat-i-can-haz-reviewThose are almost as valuable as the royalties the creator will receive from your purchase.

So, whether you are a fellow creator, or just a reader who enjoys great stories or other artistic creations that don’t preach at you, make an effort to locate an independent creator and buy their work instead.

You can start with one of mine (check out my bookshelf) or find an author/creator in your favorite genre/medium. There are plenty of them out there – Dawn Witzke, Brad Torgenson, Brian Neimeier, Nick Cole, Jon Del Arroz, Declan Finn, Bokerah Brumley and literally dozens more – and they could all use your support to keep on creating incredible new universes and other art.

Isn’t that worth a lot more in the long run than a cup of coffee?


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