Divided, We Shall Surely Fall


No doubt you’ve heard about a Virginia restaurant booting out the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders – not for any misconduct on her or her party’s part – but merely because she’s a Republican who works for the current President of the United States.

Red-Hen-and-Sarah-Huckabee-Sanders-800x430Yes, I know someone once did something similar to Vice-President Biden a few years back. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Personally, I’m all for any business owner deciding whom they will or will not transact business with no matter the reason why. The way I see it, other businesses will get wind of what this business is doing and make a point of reaching out to those turned-away customers. As a further aside, I also think its stupid to turn down someone’s willingness to pay you money and help keep your business open. But this is a free country and that means you are free to be stupid and free to go out of business because you are stupid.

But a line is being crossed that I don’t think we should be crossing. Do we really want a country with Liberal/Democrats Served Only or Conservative/Republicans Served Only signs? And what about us Independents who are center with a lean one way or the other? Will there be a third store option for us?

And would it stop there? What other divisions would be created based upon equally silly things like hair color, shoe styles, freckles or no freckles. Would we become Dr. Suess’ Sneetches with stars, and those without stars upon thars?

And how soon until we would have Men-only or Women-only stores? And then we’re one more step closer to being back in pre-Civil Rights Era America. You really want Whites-only and Blacks-only signs up again? I sure don’t. I’d hoped we’d left that bullshit in the past where it belongs.

But that is where we’re heading and it is the side that claims, allegedly, to be all for inclusion and equality that is the only side being hyper-exclusive and fully anti-equality.

Tell that owner of the Red Hen in Lexington, VA about being inclusive and tolerant. Tell it to the people who have been targeting conservative writers and artists at conventions all 15056415_1224899154237815_8969754408218125234_nacross the country, trying to get them banned because of their politics. Tell that to certain writers, heavily liberal in their politics, who have even resorted to demanding any of their readers who didn’t vote for their choice in the election to stop buying their books. Some adding vulgar insults in a childish attempt to virtue signal.

Tell it to these people who for the last 18 months have run out into the streets every time someone tells them no, or when they don’t get their way on a vote. Shoot, sometimes it seems a change in the wind direction is all that is required to trigger the Great Snowflake Brigade these days.

How many “Marches” in big cities across the country have we seen since January 2018? I’ve lost count. And when did it become acceptable to surround a person’s private residence and shout at them or play loud music? I’m sure the neighbors – who are completely innocent and are not deserving of having to hear the cacophony – really appreciate it. And really, what purpose was served by pointing a bullhorn at – and then blasting his eardrums out – an employee who had done nothing wrong?


Would you like that bullhorn implant with or without vaseline, sir?

As a side note – and yes I would be rightly fired for this – I can guarantee you that someone doing this to me would have immediately set the new world’s record for loudest recorded flatulence. Because I think you have a pretty good idea where said bullhorn would have ended up.

But seriously, what does this foolishness actually accomplish? Nothing. Chanting and yelling at a person until they depart a restaurant? This doesn’t change a thing for you, at least not in the way you are hoping it would. Nor does going out into the street every weekend, blocking traffic and being a public nuisance.

Frank Herbert in his novel, Chapterhouse Dune, alluded to this: “Don’t march in the streets with others who share your prejudices. Loud shouts are often the easiest to ignore. ‘I mean, look at them out there shouting their fool heads off! You want to make common cause with them?’ ”

That’s the thing these protestors aren’t realizing. While they are having their tantrum in public (and really millennials, or whatever the name for this generation is, aren’t you about 10 years overdue to grow up?) the people they are hoping to convince to join their cause are turning away from them and their “cause” de jour as well.

Yes, there are issues that we need to sit down, like adults, and seriously address and resolve. The keyword here is “adults” I would stress. As long as one side wants to stomp their feet like a three-year-old brat, those issues will remain unsolvable.

Worse still, the divide in this country will widen. And, as Matthew 12:25 so well puts it: “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or house divided against itself will not stand.”

We’ve mostly stood together for what is right for over 240 years in this country. It hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t always been pretty. But we’ve done it, until recent years. If we do not stop dividing ourselves, as we’ve been doing for the last four or five decades, this house, this country, this Republic will not stand much longer.

The first step in sealing the breach is simple: It is time we take politics out of every single aspect of our lives. What movie we watch, what book we read, what soda we drink, what fast food restaurant we frequent, what car we drive, whatever some group is looking to politicize.

Not every single aspect of our life, not every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day HAS to have some sort of political meaning attached to it.

Take a breath and take a break from politics. You might find yourself in a much better frame of mind in short order. And maybe then we can get back to talking to each other instead of shouting pointlessly at one another in the streets.

    *     *     *

If you’d rather read about a time when humanity will act better, and you have some free time on your hands and are looking for some reading material, perhaps you’d consider picking up Escaping Infinity, my Dragon Award Finalist for Best Sci-Fi Novel last year?



  1. Richard, I am going to politely disagree with you here. The current situation exists precisely because of taking politics out of everything… at least because most people took politics out of everything as a policy, but one group didn’t – and because the others refused to allow politics to affect their decisions, that hurt the wider group, and benefited the discriminatory group. It’s a story with many historical precedents. Group A – call them the Ponks, only hire and promote other Ponks in their businesses. They’ll always buy preferentially from other Ponks. They’ll sell to anyone – but, mysteriously Ponks get discounts. Non-Ponks don’t. They act with tribal loyalties within a larger confederation. But only Ponks discriminate in favor of their own tribe. The rest with deliberate effort do not. Indeed, if they do, the Ponks shriek, protest and vehemently decry and attempt to punish them for their antiponkism. Non-Ponks make up the larger part of the society, but do not act tribally. Think about it, that’s the US left in our field: Demographically they’re about 26%. Within Traditional publishing – thanks to their tribal behavior, about 95%. They boycott and discriminate in favor of their tribe – look at the Hugos – BUT they can only do this because the other 74% do not behave tribally. We buy their books. They do not buy ours. As much as I would prefer your concept of non-tribal behavior – one side doing this just can’t work.

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    1. Fair points and many I agree with. In truth, my call for people to pry politics out of every aspect of their lives was aimed at the worst offenders. I think we know which group I’m talking about here. 😉

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      1. I have to agree with Dave. The problem isn’t because our side is intolerant – quite the opposite. It was used against us, as civilized behavior continues to be used against us, by people pretending to be civilized.

        The group that presents a false face has recently had more and more of their masks drop off, revealing the ugly truth beneath. And they will not listen to civilized discourse or pointing out that their behaviour is backfiring on them. They’ve already worked themselves up to a rage, and are convinced that nothing will stand in their way. They’re proving this by showing that they do not have any restraint at all; they want Barron Trump in the pedophile’s cage, cheering as the boy is harmed. Truth and reality have no meaning, because it is those things they reject on the basis of ‘it’s not what we want!’

        And it’s as simple as that, as horrible as that, as ugly as that. The rest of us are trying to live life, while they scream and push for control over our lives… and their encroachments make it impossible for us to live life uninterrupted.

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      2. What gets me is that the groups who want the chaos, the civil war, their endless Hope And Change ™ tend to run roughshod over the groups they’re supposedly campaigning for… and ultimately are making things harder for those groups. I don’t want to give too much away or details, but the folks I’m working with are getting quite a bit of disadvantage because of that kind of meddling, when all they want is a peaceful life earned through their hard work, no different from anyone else, and all of it done correctly, the right way, legally.

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