Dispatches From Omaha: June 19, 2018

Now that I’ve been in my new hometown of Omaha, NE for a month I’m starting to check the place out. What to see, what to do, etc. And I figured I would share my explorations here with you.


The main entrance to TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, the home of the College Baseball World Series.

So today, for the first installment of the Dispatches From Omaha, I decided to go check out the big annual event here: The College Baseball World Series.

Taking in the (originally scheduled for 1 p.m.) Game 7 between Florida and Texas which began at 2:39 I settled in down the first base line and took in my first Division I college baseball game ever.

The highest level of college baseball I’ve covered was D-II Stanislaus State in Turlock, CA  (I have covered D-I football). So sitting in the stands instead of the press box is still an odd transition even after eight years.


Yours truly decked out in Texas Longhorns hat and orange shirt. It didn’t help as Texas lost 6-1.

The weather was warm and humid with threatening grey skies above. The rain held off long enough for the Gators to eliminate the Longhorns (the picture should tell you what I thought of the result).  As an aside, as I look at the picture, where did all that white come from in my beard?

The CWS used to be played in Rosenblatt Stadium and that is the field I’ll always remember whenever I think of the CWS, But Creighton University went and built this huge modern stadium for its baseball team and that was the end of Rosenblatt and all of the history therein.

The new place was nice, the seats were comfortable, the hot dogs better than most stadiums I’ve visited. They have something called a Berry-kabob. I meant to snap a photo of it but forgot. It’s basically skewered strawberries dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate. I almost went into a diabetic coma just thinking about getting one. Maybe next time.


Yes, those are the tallest buildings in Omaha. Yes, I like that about the city.

To be honest, the first time I saw the stadium from the outside I assumed it was the home of the Omaha Storm Chasers, the Triple-A affiliate of the Kansas City Royals.

But their stadium, which looks nice too, is located south of Omaha near Pappilion. I’ll be taking in a game there soon and we’ll compare Omaha’s two baseball stadiums properly then.

So my first-ever CWS is in the books. I have a pin and a souvenir cup to show for it. I wasn’t feeling the need to shell out $15 for a souvenir baseball or bat. We won’t even discuss the prices on the hats, shirts and other gear.

I also have some kind of stretchy material, covered with the CWS logo, that is 18-inches in length and is sewn so that it looks like a tube. They gave those out for free as you walked in. I have no clue what the hell its purpose is. Had I opened the package it came in before I had left the stadium I could have asked. We’ll save this mystery for next year.

But, compared to the arduous journey through hell needed to be undertaken to get to either Dodger Stadium in L.A. or AT&T Park in San Francisco, it was a fun afternoon of baseball in Nebraska.




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