My Other Gig…

So my other job – when not writing new novels or stirring the pot on social media – is serving as the Managing Editor of

It is a website devoted to stories, movies, TV shows and factual information regarding urban legends and the new genre of urban fantasy. I say that it’s a job but in reality its a load of fun.


Yes, there really is an urban legend in Illinois based on the In Living Color character, Homey The Clown (1990-94, FOX).

For example, we are currently running a daily series of urban legends by state in the United States. We’re going in alphabetical order and today’s post was on Indiana and boy do those Hoosiers have some urban legends.

But I was kind of partial to yesterday’s post on Illinois. I found an interesting set of weird coincidences involving Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. While it was borderline U-F, it was just weird enough that I couldn’t resist tacking onto the bottom of the post just for fun.

Especially since one of Illinois’ urban legends surrounds a creepy clown based on a real TV show from the 1990s.  Here’s an excerpt from yesterday’s post:

“Lincoln was first elected to Congress in 1846 and to the Presidency in 1860. Kennedy was sent to Congress in 1946 and to the White House in 1960. Both men were killed by a bullet to the head and both on a Friday.  Both were killed by Southerners and both were succeeded by men named Johnson who were both from the south. Lincon’s Vice-President was Andrew Johnson, who was born in 1808. Kennedy’s VP was Lyndon Johnson, who was born in 1908.

The last name of Lincoln’s secretary was Kennedy. The last name of Kennedy’s secretary was Lincoln. Lincoln’s killer, John Wilkes Booth, was born in 1839. Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was born in 1939. Did you notice both assassins were known by all three of their names? And take notice that each of their three names totals 15 letters. Did you know that both assassins were killed before they ever went to trial for their crimes?

Lincoln was shot inside a theater called, Ford. Kennedy was shot while riding in a car named, Lincoln, which was made by a company called, Ford. After shooting Lincoln, Booth ran from a theater and took shelter in a warehouse. After shooting Kennedy from a warehouse, Oswald sought to hide in a theater.

And if I haven’t completely turned your brain into a pretzel yet: Seven days before being shot Lincoln was in Monroe, Maryland. The week before he was shot, JFK was with Marilyn Monroe.

What is the takeaway here? Anyone who is a Congressional freshman in 2046, should not run for the White House in 2060 with a running mate born in 2008.

I’m not saying, I’m just saying…”

If you like this kind of thing, we have plenty more where that came from. Give the site a look-see and be sure to leave a comment so we’ll know what you think and what you’d like to see more of from us in the future.

CoverDraft2And if you are looking for some excellent stories around the urban legend of stairs in the woods, pick up a copy of Secret Stairs: Tribute to Urban Legend. My story, Nothing Ever Happens Here, is the first of over 30 very entertaining short stories that will keep you up at night.


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