CalExit – t+ One Month

At 10:43 a.m. (PDT) on May 14th my trusty silver steed (aka the 2013 Chrysler 200 pictured here) carried IMG_0081me across the California/Nevada state line just a few miles west of Reno. We’d left Turlock, California around seven that morning.

Our arrival at the state line was delayed by an additional stop at McDonalds when about five miles down the road we discovered that the egg mcmuffin we ordered was actually a sausage biscuit in an egg mcmuffin wrapper.

Good job, Morning Crew in Turlock.

Anyway, it was day one of a three-day drive along Interstate 80. As an aside, the Wendy’s crew that night in Salt Lake City managed to tell the Turlock crew to hold their beer when it came to screwing up an order.

But that was the official CalExit for our little group of three – myself, Cheryl and our


The House Hound was a lousy navigator.

house hound, Waldo. We are now a month out from the departure and loving every minute of our new hometown here in Nebraska.

We’ve already had a bunch of thunderstorms – we estimate we’ve seen more rainfall in the past four weeks than we saw in 2-plus years in Thousand Oaks – and our first tornado watch. Have I mentioned we really love honest-to-god weather?

But when people ask me why we decided on Nebraska I simply point out some financial reasons:

Our rent w/storage unit in Thousand Oaks = $2,100 per month

Our rent here in Omaha (w/garage) = $1,100 per month. Oh, by the way, the Omaha apartment has twice the square footage as our place in Thousand Oaks did.

A gallon of milk in Thousand Oaks = $3.99. In Omaha = $1.77

An 18-count carton of large eggs in Thousand Oaks = $3.49. In Omaha = $1.18

A gallon of gas in Thousand Oaks = $3.49. In Omaha = $2.69

The people here are friendlier. The pace is less frenetic and when I look up into the sky I see dark blue and not a brownish-gray haze.

So yes, one month into CalExit and I couldn’t be happier. About the only thing I wish was here are my kids and grandkids. But I figure eventually, as California keeps raising taxes, passing assinine laws like limiting each household to 55 gallons of water per day and ruining what used to be a great state to live in, I figure they’ll move out too.

I hear they are voting to split the state into three new states come November. I don’t think that will do much good even if it passed and the state legislature and the U.S. Congress approved the plan. The state jumped the shark about two decades back and has been in a death spiral ever since.

But as a now ex-Californian, it should be interesting to watch this train wreck play out.

giphy (5)


  1. I was in Omaha in 1980 visiting relatives and we all decided to go see “The Empire Strikes Back.” It was a late showing and we all got out of the theater at about midnight, right when the mother of all thunderstorms blew in. It was like the movie never ended and the lightning could have been all of those laser blasts in the space battle. We got back to my aunt’s house in time to all go down into the basement until the tornado alert was over. Yeah, they get weather.

    I agree that California has become a massive train wreck and am glad to have escaped back in 1994.

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