New Comment Moderation Policy

I didn’t want to have to do this. I wanted anyone and everyone who so wanted to do so to be able to come and post a comment here and have it appear on the blog immediately.

Unfortunately, thanks to Mike Glyer of File 770, that can no longer be the case.

30440819_10215356910293940_6563392069094604800_nMike has been banned from commenting here. His name and e-mail address are blocked. But, instead of taking the hint and ignoring several requests to just go away and stew in that sewer of his, he decided to impersonate someone so he could sneak in a rude remark on this blog.

I have screenshots to prove what he did. I will not post them publically as the information on them could aid in a potential doxxing attempt. I have no use for anyone who engages in doxxing or swatting (or threatening physical violence at a con if a certain invited guest attends). But I have the proof – in case he tries to deny what he did – and several others have seen it too.

The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen again is to put every comment into moderation until I have a chance to see where it is coming from.

I’m sorry. I wish there was some other way but, according to my host provider, this is the only option.

Thanks a lot, Mike.  /sarc



  1. The more I hear about this sort of stuff, the more I wonder if I really want to become a published SF/F author. I had to do this on my religious blog (I compartmentalize my interests have have three different WP blogs based on content-type). People can become very sure of their righteousness and very sure of the other person’s unrighteousness, so I’ve had to watch who comments about what carefully. Sorry to hear this has happened. Even when people disagree with me, and I think reasonable discussion of disagreements is healthy, I still have to draw the line at rudeness and name calling.



    1. Don’t let a few bad apples keep you from writing SF/F. We need more voices, not less. As for the name-calling, I fully agree and I probably should dial back some of the rhetoric on my end. It is hard to play nice when you are being attacked by a small group for no good reason.

      Giving a free book to a Con that had its entire lineup of literary guests cancel at the last minute so that the attendees would at least get something literary for their money should never be a reason to viciously slander an author like Glyer and his sychophants have done to me.

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      1. Imagine how much harder it is to accept hostile behavior from people who profess to love Christ. 😉

        I agree, though obviously I haven’t experienced anything like that first hand. So far, I’ve tried to keep most of my emotions out of my commentaries (I won’t spam with a link, but if you’d like, but check out “Should We Burn Ray Bradbury’s Books?” on my blog), but I suppose at whatever point someone kicks me in the teeth just because of my faith or my politics, I’ll want to come out of my corner fighting as well.

        In the meantime, I’ve got drafts of two different novels in various states of development, plus eight (so far) short stories submitted to various anthologies and periodicals in the hopes some of them will be selected for publication.

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