Blast From The Past

Meant to share this a while back but, as you know, it has been a bit crazy these past few weeks and I forgot all about this until now.


Released in 2003, but no longer in print. But you can still read it. It’s Maelstrom now.

The first day at her new job, my wife is on the phone to the IT guy getting her passwords and info all properly entered and set up. He asks her to spell her last name and then asks for her spouse’s name. When she gives him my first name the conversation takes an interesting turn:

“Richard Paolinelli?” he asks. “The guy that wrote Armageddon Shield*?”

(*- Note: Armageddon Shield was the original title of Maelstrom when I released it in 2003 through an “alleged” publisher who shall remain nameless. Hey, I was a younger, more naive writer 15 years back, don’t judge me. For the record, according to their accounting no one ever bought the book.)


This version is still in print today.

“Yes,” she says. “That’s my husband.”

“Wow,” he says. “I loved that book and kept looking to see if he wrote anything else for a couple of years but never saw anything.”

So she tells him I’m writing new stuff right and left. As she is telling me this story I’m thinking what are the odds that all these years later she’d be a co-worker of one of the few people that read that book 15 years ago.

Two takeaways: Cheryl said it was weird getting the celebrity connection vibe from a stranger like that. I told her just wait until I go from current Z-list and get all the way up to C-list celebrity status.  

The second is this: Don’t let a whole lot of time pass between book releases. If your stuff is good, people will keep looking for it.


Careful, he might be reading your mind right now!

Armageddon Shield is no longer in print (thank god) but you can find a copy of Maelstrom in both print and e-book formats.

Its got time travel, post-apocalyptic Earth, an evil guy who is downright evil, an interesting twist near the end… and mini telepathic Polar Bears on the Jovian moon of Europa.


And I bet you thought Escaping Infinity was a strange book, didn’t ya.

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