New Releases: Two-fer Tuesday!

Yep, there are two new anthologies out that you can get today – well, one you can pre-order when it comes out on June 16th and the other you can actually fire up your Kindle and read today.

Earth Cover artPlanetary Anthology: Earth, the fourth of an 11-book series by Superversive Press, is out today in both Kindle and paperback. Here’s the Amazon link for you to get your copy: Planetary Earth.

There are 18 great stories in this volume, including one by me. Extinction Point tells the story of astronaut Adam Armstrong, a descendant of the first man to walk on the Moon, who discovers an alarming fact on the first manned mission beyond our solar system. Every species has reached the same technological point in its development and promptly destroyed themselves.

Now he is racing back to Earth trying to reach home in time to prevent our planet from suffering the same fate as every other advanced species in the universe.

On June 16th, To Be Men will be released (you can pre-order here). Ths anthology celebrates masculinity through many different fictional stories and essays.

My story is The Last Hunt…and I will wait until you’ve read it to talk about it. I’ll even let you know why I chose to tell the story I told and what I have personally witnessed through my travels that factored into its creation.

So there you go, two great summer reads. Enjoy!

P.S. Check out the amazing book trailer for Planetary Earth right here.




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