Kudos to ConCarolinas

Back on April 16th I wrote about ConCarolinas capitulating to the Social Justice Zealot horde and dis-inviting best-selling author John Ringo.

(Yes, I know they said it was mutual, but the fact is they asked the victim not to show up and did not order the slanderers to stay away too.)

I’ve just now heard ConCarolina’s closing statement and an announcement regarding what happened to John and what they will do going forward. Listen for yourself right here: ConCarolinas Statement.

Ok, basically they admit they screwed up and stated that this crap will not happen again.




(I left out an “It’s About Damn Time” because the folks at ConCarolinas have been verbally thrashed enough over this issue and they should hear nothing but praise for this decision from everyone – left, center and right.)

I jumped all over the Con for yielding to a small group of shrieking harpies (male & female) in the first place. And, as long as they follow through and maintain this stance from now on, they will get my thanks for standing up and doing the right thing. As well as one of these:



Well done, ConCarolinas. And a tip of the cap to DragonCon for also telling these zealots that the SF/F tent is large and ALL voices are welcome – well, except those SJZs that demand exclusivity in the name of “inclusivity” at the point of a bayonet, of course.


    1. I agree. And I hope all of the Cons take a similar stance and drive the political crusades out of the equation.

      As for the SFFCGuild, yes it is still on. But between a death, a major medical issue, a cross-country move and another document request regarding our Non-Profit filing – it has been held up.

      Now that things have settled down, I hope to get back on track and started as soon as we cut through the last of the red tape.



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