Upcoming Release!

I just wrapped up a two-day run at the 25th Annual Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival here in Southern California. I’ll have a more detailed after-action report on the people I met and some interesting shenanigans on Day Two a little later.

But for now, I wanted to let you all know about my next scheduled story release. On May 15th Superversive Press’ Planetary Anthology Series continues with, Earth, the fourth book in the 11-book series. Mercury, Venus and Mars are already out.

My story, Extinction Point, is the third of eighteen incredible stories in the collection.  Find out more about this book here: Planetary Earth.

And don’t forget, later on this year the Pluto edition will be released, edited by yours truly. It will feature 17 great stories, including some by a few of the people appearing in Earth. (Yes, I will be in Pluto with a story as well.)

In addition to Earth and Pluto, I have been confirmed for Luna and I am still waiting to hear how my submissions for Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Sol will fare. I could be in seven of the eleven books in the series. But even if it is only just three, the entire series should be quite incredible.

But until May 15th, you should grab your copy of the Dragon Award finalist, Escaping Infinity. It is available in e-book, print and audiobook formats.



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