About ConCarolina’s Ringo Debacle…

Conservative creators are being banned from Cons.

Conservative creators are being threatened at Cons or if they even attempt to attend a Con.

Conservative creators are being attacked and bullied on social media.

Conservative creators are having their social media platforms deleted and demonetized.

Conservative speakers are having their public events canceled.

Conservative speakers are having their public events shut down by protestors refusing to let them speak.

The reasons being given for this targeting?: “Conservatives are bad people that could not be trusted. Conservatives have bad thoughts ideas that should not be heard. If we don’t silence Conservatives, if we don’t put Conservatives in their place it will be the end of our society.”

Are you okay with that?

If you said yes, go back and replace all of the words above in bold with “Blacks” and all of the words in italics with things like “banned from sitting at a lunch counter”, “barred from riding in the front of the bus”, “banned from voting”, “barred from going to school with whites”, and “threatened if they attempted those very same things.”

Are you okay with that? Are you still okay with what is being done to conservatives these days?

Because if you are then congratulations are in order: You are Jim Crow. For those born after 1970, that isn’t something to be proud of.

While the attacks on conservative political pundits have been frequent and well-publicized – remember the Antifa-led rioting in Berkeley on numerous occasions whenever a conservative student group invited a conservative to speak? There have been many other instances of speakers’ events being canceled because of violent extremist protestors that I am sure you have heard of.

But that vitriol hasn’t been limited to politics. Conservative comic book and game creators have been under siege for some time. They have been attacked by trolls and keyboard commandos intent on getting social media content banned and demonetized.

Conservative authors have been coming under fire in recent months as well. Jon Del Arroz was banned from WorldCon76 – despite being a paid member of the Con being held in his hometown – for no other reason that he is “one of those” and “those people” can’t be allowed to mix with the right sort of people, you know.

By the way, Del Arroz attended WorldCon76’s Hugo announcements. Despite being banned because “he might cause trouble at the Con” he was allowed into the smaller ceremony. To the surprise of no one – on either side of the issue – Jon caused not even one iota of trouble. Nor would he at WorldCon76 and the people who banned him know it.

They know this because he wasn’t banned because he “might” cause trouble. He was banned because he is an outspoken Conservative.

On Monday, ConCarolinas banned best-selling novelist, and a conservative, John Ringo from attending this year, despite his being announced as an invited guest. They couched the “mutual dis-invitation” as being done out of concern for John’s safety at the Con because a small handful of people decided just having Ringo in the same city they were in would mean the end of their lives. I am not exaggerating. This is exactly what they think.

The Con runners know John is no threat to anyone. They know he wouldn’t swat a flea – unless said flea was armed with a howitzer and aiming it at people.

But, instead of throwing out those people who were planning on coming to the Con to confront John and perhaps even attack him physically, they punished the victim. They asked the victim to go away and not defend himself from this assault.

This shameful decision will only embolden these people to continue their assaults on conservatives. In their world, only they decide who gets to speak and who gets to shut up. Only they get to decide who can earn a living in peace and who must be crushed into complete ruin. Only those that fully toe the party line are allowed to go about their business unmolested.

We’ve seen many examples of people with similar thinking throughout history. My grandfather and millions of others have fought against them in wars throughout the 20th Century.

We know them by the names of Nazis, Fascists, Communists and Socialists. Their leaders were Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and Mao. The only difference between those men and their 21st Century counterparts is that this generation of liberty-deniers haven’t killed anyone – yet.

So if you have found yourself approving of what is being done to conservative creators and speakers over the last few years maybe you should take a step back and take another look at the company you’re keeping.

Being compared to Jim Crow is bad enough. You don’t want to find yourself lumped in with Bull Connor.


  1. But I never personally….

    (Thought I’d just start out with the excuse at why it’s no one’s responsibility to police their own bullies. I’d just caution those who don’t care about bullying or harassment except on the basis of who is targeted, that if conservatives disengage, the only targets remaining will be you.)

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    1. There is no place for bullying or harassment anywhere. But one problem is one side engages in it, oftentimes violently, and then claims they are the victims when the people who they have bullied and harassed have the nerve to merely stand up against their attacks and defend themselves without resorting to the level of violence they have been subjected to.



      1. Uh huh. Level of violence?

        Perhaps you ought to be specific. Violence?

        Because in my experience only one side claims that the other is violent, even though it’s just speaking a disagreement. Words are violence, you know. And then uses that “violence” which is no such thing at all, to justify retaliatory hatred and threats and demands for the right to bully and even awards each other for driving the “bad” people away. I’ve no doubt there is many a victory party right now and if someone is okay with that, they need to do some soul searching.

        And what I said remains a fact.

        If conservatives disengage the bullies will remain and the only targets left will be you.


  2. It’s been brought to my attention that I may have been unclear. I agree with Richard. And I’m really quite upset about this whole thing. Not because I’m some buddy of Ringo’s. I’ve never met him. I enjoy his books and he’s earned every bit of the filthy lucre he’s earned. But I don’t know him except that from my point of view as a female military veteran I agree with him more often than I disagree with him. But it’s not about him. He’s saying he’s fine with this, had better things to do anyway, and I’ve no reason not to believe him. But Richard said this:

    “This shameful decision will only embolden these people to continue their assaults on conservatives. In their world, only they decide who gets to speak and who gets to shut up. Only they get to decide who can earn a living in peace and who must be crushed into complete ruin. Only those that fully toe the party line are allowed to go about their business unmolested.”

    And I defy anyone “over there” to explain how this is wrong. If so-and-so is a “bad conservative” and must be driven off, why don’t you tell us which conservative or libertarian or person of diverse opinions is welcome and encouraged to attend and speak and BE within the sphere of science fiction. Not undercover, either. Not suitably quiet or submissive so you don’t even know that they’re there while they smile uncomfortably when a panelist smears their faith or friends.

    Because Richard isn’t wrong, he’s right. And the only thing that beats self-righteous hatred is self-righteous triumph and this “triumph” is going to lead to more seeking the next victory and the next “hit” of that sweet emotion, the next target and the righteous hatred of the Other.

    And to all of you out there, if you wander over here to scoff and laugh and gloat… do you ever doubt a rumor, question an accusation, wonder if the super nice guy you met once is being falsely accused? No. You don’t. Even if you’re not the bully, you LIKE the bullies. Just because you “never personally” attacked anyone, you never defend anyone falsely accused or even wonder if they were falsely accused. You never believe someone else’s version of events but willingly and happily accept the worst possible interpretations. You don’t “walk a mile in their shoes” and your’e proud of it. You never defend the “big tent” and you never take your bullies to task so long as they target those you dislike.

    So I don’t want to hear about what you have never *personally* done.



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