An Anthology Worthy Of Your Support

There’s a kickstarter campaign for a new anthology that you should really check out. Yes, I’m in it. But that’s not the only reason why you should help get it to print. It’s a sequel to a successful anthology and promises to be just as good as the first one.

My Peculiar Family 2 3D CoverHere’s some info:

My Peculiar Family Volume II – Celebrations is the second anthology of unusual tales that seeks to uncover the bizarre family history of Chyna Dale.

When Chyna discovers antique tintypes of family members she never knew existed, she becomes obsessed with uncovering their mysterious identities.

Why hasn’t she heard of them before? What were they like? Most of all, what can this hidden familial bloodline tell her about herself and her past?

Plagued by questions, Chyna soon discovers that the deeper into her history she goes, the more peculiar her family becomes.

Sixteen established and emerging writers who have been featured on the hit show Sci Fi Saturday Night have been united to explore the strange family history of Chyna Dale in this thrilling new collection of short stories.


My Peculiar Family Volume II – Celebrations is the second anthology of unusual original tales like none ever published before! This volume combines many well known and emerging writers, who have been on Sci Fi Saturday Night and unites them, writing together in a shared universe to discover the lost family of Chyna Dale . What makes this series so original is the fictional family of Chyna Dale. When she discovers a box of old tintype photos in her attic, her quest becomes finding out who they are.

Here’s the kickstarter link: My Peculiar Family, Vol. 2



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